Instant Photos from SL to WordPress

We recovered an RDA small metal planet.  I think the humans call it a “satellite” but also heard one of them say it was “space junk.”  The Na’vi found some interesting technology inside to make pictures go from SL’s Pandora sims to the Second Pandora website in the blink of a Na’vi eye.  It also provides options to metatag items with keywords, provide a caption, and give a Second Life URL (SLURL) of where the photo was taken.  But be careful to use the SLURL option wisely as people can start popping in day and night to the photo location. Cool way to photo log your Second Life!

Instructions for doing instant photos

  1. Flickr: Setup a photostream on Flickr and embed this on your website.  Here is the one that we are using for Second Pandora:
    SecondLifePandora’s photostream on Flickr:
  2. WordPress: I embedded the photostream by adding “/show/” after the URL for the photostream.  This will probably work for most other blogs and such too, but the instructions shown here are specifically for a WordPress site.
  3. Second Life Viewer: Use one of the SL viewers that has screenshot to Flickr capabilities.  I used the Exodus viewer which can also do other grids too:
  4. Snapshot: Take a snapshot and select the “Upload to Flickr” option.
  5. View: Go to your page with the Flickr photostream and instantly see your photos from in world.  The Second Pandora Photolog is an example of such a stream:

Snapshot of the screen when sending from SL to Flickr

Example of the Flickr embed in a WordPress page


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