Pandora Planet Roleplay

Pandora Planet Roleplay
ORGANIZER: Dynamic Rumble
EVENT : TNT ~ (Sim Wide RP Event)
DATE : Saturday, 1st Sept
TIME : 1:00pm SLT
PLACE : Pegase

**ALL are welcome to join in…nAvatar, HomeTree, Tipani and any other Pandora Roleplay sims (with DCS of cause)!**

>> TNT ~ Story Line <> HEALERS…your people will need you!! <>> SPECIAL RULE FOR THIS RP:
Due to LAG you MUST remove any heavy scripts from your outfits.
Also remove your Ikrani or Gunship from the sim immediately once you have finished flying.
*Please Read>>>

▶ ▷Disregard any of the following rules and you will be EJECTED without warning from the sim and have to sit out the RP fun from the sidelines ◀ ◁

1) Full “Sim Rules/Combat Rules” apply!
2) NO invasion prior to the designated RP time!
3) NO self-healing (that is the job of your Healers and Scientists)!
4) Lag and crashing may be an issue. Please be patient and play fair.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have Fun 🙂

Dynamic Rumble (Dyn)
Pandora Universe Admin
RDA Colonel


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