RDA Elite Inter-Sim Role Play #1

The “RDA Elite ~ Universal Command” group will be doing its first official Role Play (RP) on Saturday, Sep 8th, 2012 at 2:00pm SLT on the Tipani sim.  RDA Elite organizer General Dyn (Dynamic Rumble) notes that all sim members are welcome to join in…HomeTree, Pandora Universe and Tipani.  The storyline for this RP is titled “New Blood” and  the RDA managed to capture a small group of Na’vi for scientific experimentation.  They formulate a powerful serum from the Na’vi blood and selective Pandorian creatures. They inject the concoction back into the Na’vi with astonishing results, some of which enhanced the native’s connection to the planet itself…their Eywa!  Before the lengthy experiments were complete a massive earthquake destroyed the compound enabling the group of Na’vi to escape!  Almost a year on and with the assistance of the military’s new “Avatar Program” the RDA have finally tracked down the escaped Na’vi, residing deep in a new sector on Pandora (Tipani).  An RDA outpost and mining base have already been established near this sector and the General has ordered specialized and immediate reconnaissance, to survey the area and confirm the existence of the “Viltra Lu Pxayor” tribe in this sector.

Be sure to de-LAG your avatar before the RP and setup your DCS on each of participating sims.

The RDA will meet at the RDA Elite Mining Base: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tipani/227/48/30  The Scientist team with military security are to scout and locate the lost tribe.  Further incoming intelligence will be shared on the day.

The Na’vi will go about their day as if nothing is different.  If they see skypeople…they may wish to investigate!

▶ ▷Disregard any of the following rules and you will be EJECTED without warning from the sim and have to sit out the RP fun from the sidelines ◀ ◁

1)  Full “Sim Rules/Combat Rules” apply!
2)  NO type of RDA scouting or invasion prior to the designated RP time!
3)  If wounded, NO self-healing (that is the job of your Healers and Scientists)!
4)  Lag and crashing may be an issue. Please be patient and play fair.
5)  Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


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