RDA Elite RP: Outpost Construction

The RDA Elite will role play (RP) at 12 pm (noon) SLT today for the event “Outpost Construction” on the Pegase sim:

  • STORYLINE: The RDA has already begun construction of a new outpost upon the existing bunker near the Eastern coast line when suddenly a fierce fire at their main base in the floating mountains virtually destroyed the entire compound.  A few minor burns but luckily no one was seriously injured. Now the urgency to complete the new bunker outpost has stepped up a notch.  With their resources stretched to the limit and relentless atacks by protesting hostile natives, the RDA ELITE have been called upon to assist in the final stage of construction.
  • GROUP: RDA Elite ~ Universal Command
  • ORGANIZER:  Dynamic Rumble
  • DATE/TIME:  Saturday, 22nd Sept @ 12:00pm SLT
  • PLACE: Pegase (ALL sim members are welcome to join in…HomeTree, nAvatar and Tipani)
  • RDA MISSION:Lock n’ load! Eliminate any hostile attacks on the new base.  Escort and protect bulldozers as the slowly push deeper into the undergrowth.  Secure the area.  RDA meeting point is the Sector 3 Mining Base:
  • NA’VI MISSION: Protect Ey’wa and hamper efforts of the sky-people to push deeper into the forest.
  • RULES:
    ▷Disregard any of the following rules and you will be EJECTED without warning from the sim and have to sit out the RP fun from the sidelines ◁
  1. Full “Sim Rules/Combat Rules” apply!
NO type of attack or invasion prior to the designated RP time!
If wounded, NO self-healing (that is the job of your Healers and Scientists)!
Lag and crashing may be an issue. Please be patient and play fair.

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