Favela sim and Anurai Clan join Pandora

Favela sim

Favela sim

Second Life has a new Pandora sim and clan. Welcome to the Anurai clan and Favela sim.  The Na’vi tribes of Anurai Island are growing in numbers along with the Anurai Island R.D.A, who focus primarily on scientific study along with soldiers to keep civilians safe.  This sim is a bit different from other Pandora sims with both enduring traits (RDA firing range and nuclear reactor) and some elements which are a bit untypical of the “Avatar” film (avatar house and cave).  There is a three-level hospital up in the sky.  I wonder how many injured they expecting.  The teleport system is a bit hard to find at the sim HUB with it being on the ground with similar brick textures.  You click once to select your destination and then again a second time to sit to go to the location.  There is a mall area that is just starting to get setup with each space for 50 prims at 100L a week (as of this post).  The teleporter takes you to many locations throughout the sim.  We wish Eywa’s blessings upon the Favela sim and the Anurai clan as they get started.  Here is a SLURL to get you started on your journey: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Favela/128/128/24

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2 comments on “Favela sim and Anurai Clan join Pandora

  1. I can tell you personally, that the entrance area has had some work done on it, as well as the base.. and cave, and forest! We expect it to grow over time, all the time, but the additions we have added in the past 6 days make a drastic difference. The teleporter at the start should be much easier to find now, I’m so sorry! Also, the mess hall and lounge have filled up nicely, there is a conference room, and the personal gym had a make-over as well. Thanks for putting us here and wishing us well, we hope all the same for others 🙂

  2. Thank you, Tillaryn. Glad to see things shaping up for your sim and clan. We will continue to keep an eye on one of Pandora’s new sims.

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