Fantasy Flora

Fantasy Flora

Fantasy Flora

Fantasy Flora is a collection of flora and tribal living items made to fit environments of forest living and ideal for building natural environments and used in role play on private sims.  The items are built to be low prim so that decorating isn’t inhibited by the number of prims. Many trees and plants are 4 prims or less. Many are interactive with the plants glowing when you approach them.  They may spit toxic elements when you touch them, or you can sit in their branches and on their leaves.  Many of the plants and living items are inspired from Willow Zifer’s Pandora role play experience and the James Cameron sources about Pandora, the sci-fi environment of the movie “Avatar.”  Many of the plants are bioluminescent on midnight settings and they are large and brightly colored like the plants in the movies.  Several plants, such as the poof ball tree, scorpion plant, and hermit bud plant are modeled directly from James Cameron’s designs.  Other plants are made for a mystical environment.  Because Willow used sculpted prims, organic and tribal textures, and fun scripts, these low-prim items are quality and look good at all angles.  You can build a whole forest on a very low budget with most coming in packs of 3-7 plants or living objects.  Visit at:


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