Festival of the Sister Moons

Celebrate the return of the Sister Moons during this festival Dec 8th-16th on the Pandora Hometree sim.  This is an important time of festivity for the Na’vi clans as they come together to celebrate the reunification of the Sister Moons.  Pandora is one of several moons circling the gas giant planet of Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri system.  This celebration includes many tournaments, ceremonies, gift giving, and sumptuous feasts.  Na’vi healers gather together to share knowledge while warriors and hunters compete in tournaments to test their skills.

This is a social time when unmated Na’vi search for their one true mate for life among all the clans.  And it’s also a time when those who left their clans to mate (and joined their mate’s clan), can reunite with long lost friends and family.  It is a good omen to be joined as mates during the Sister Moons.  And a child born during this time is considered blessed doubly by Ewya.  This gathering helps to bring together the bloodlines of the Na’vi clans and to help them avoid inbreeding.  Na’vi are not permitted to mate with their blood relatives.

The moons are visible for a period just under 2 earth months, during which time many events will take place.  The festival is a mobile one as Na’vi avoid depleting one area of resources.  Their path follows the food.  When a region’s hexapede population is culled, the festival moves to a new location and is hosted by a different clan.  This time can be from 7 to 10 days on the average.

The winners of tournaments will be awarded honors and status (xp points) and often a new weapon will be made for them. Healers can also gain by participation in the healing ceremonies.  With the recent intrusion of humans there is some concern that they will disrupt the festivities.  The general feeling is that a show of numbers may deter the humans from any interference. There was some talk of letting them participate in some of the events.  (skinwalkers.)


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