Welcome to Second Pandora

James Cameron’s film “Avatar” brought to life both a romantic story and a bloody tale of war.  A paraplegic Marine travels to Pandora (one of the moons of Promethesus) to take the place of his dead brother and pilot an avatar.  Jake Sully becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.

Now you have the chance to visit and play within that home of Pandora…to live the dream!

There are many fans in Second Life that love to role play (RP) as Na’vi clans, RDA humans, Dreamwalkers, and Creatures of the planet of Pandora.  Come experience the luminescent flora and interact with fauna as you uncover the wonders of this place mixed with beauty and danger. There are many SIMS that have been inspired by this wonderful and epic film.  Come to know the spirit of the people, the cold touch of Pandora rain, the soil and the spiritual nature in which Na’vi view their world.  For those of you who enjoy the combat, well we got you covered. There is usually someone willing to fight  and or role play with that in mind. The RDA are a bunch of bad asses.  Live the dream with fun and excitement in your Second Life.

This site shares with you all that is Pandora in Second Life (SL) in one place by reverse engineering technologies stolen from an abandon RDA satellite:

While people share their stories, photos, and video here freely, this work is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.  If you are interested in using anything for commercial use, please contact the authors of the material first to obtain permission.  That does not preclude use of materials for new reporting, blogging, tweets, or reposting on the various social networking sites.


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