Tirea’nari (Simone Lyvette)

Healer in the Viltra Lu Pxayor clan
The Journey

I, known as Tirea’nari of the Omatikaya. I learned well from my parents who perished when the skypeople attacked the home tree many years ago. When I became of age, I followed the path of the Hawpanyu. Out Tsahik of our clan trained me in the ways of the Hawpanyu. After many months, I met the challenges of my journey and had my rite of initiation as a Omatikaya Hawpanyu.

It was early and quiet, just at sunrise. As hawpanyu, I gathered my things as usual to go gathering in the forest. The two moons were visible in the sky. I carefully collected razor leaves for my sisters.. I went deeper in the forest hoping to find the utu mauti tree, maybe it dropped it’s delicious fruit on the ground. A paywill plant was on the side of the path I was walking on. I reached to the top of it to break some leaves off for medicine, placed it in my pouch, and then took a drink. While I drunk from the paywill, a large weblike blanket fell around me and pulled me to the ground. I was shocked but not afraid. It entangled me and I heard the tawpongyu (human) speak something. Then I felt a pain momentarily on my torso like they pushed a spear to my side and when I awoke, I was tied down in a place I did not know.

My only concern now was for my people, the Omatikaya. I focused my thoughts on Ewya, and laid still, not speak a word but listening carefully. I understand some of their language which I learned long ago before the tawpongyu showed themselves a threat. Even though I sensed danger, I steadied myself and only focus on the good and knowing that Ewya always keep the balance of things. Also being confident I would return to my people again. I would not tell my name, I would not speak a word even when they hurt me. I focus only on what I’ve been taught. It seems many days and nights have come and gone. I waited patiently for the moment I could leave, escape. I was prodded and poked..made sick even. They left their mark on me and there was no concern for the pain they caused. There was those who seem caring, fed me even..but I not speak even to them. I will not let on that I understand their questions..about our secret places, our rituals. I would rather return to the ground, to Ewya then to answer the tawpongyu, the skypeople..

I mediated day and night and then one day there was turmoil in their camp. I don’t know what, I could not hear what..but I prayed to Ewya to guide me, now it was my time, my time to leave. Someone left a door ajar, I quietly walked to it and looked around. Quickly I left, but ran into one of their warriors. I killed him with my hands to preserve my life, praying to Ewya and ran away from the place that I was at. Was not much to jump on the wall and cllimb over and running into the forest as fast as I could. How I managed to have strength, only Ewya knows. I did not want them to follow me so I traveled up high into the mountains until I ran into thick forest and slept under cover. I now have a common Bond with The others  of Viltra lu’ Pxayor who have been injected with the serum. We are drawn together as a magnet is drawn. SO I have taken my rightful place and hide among the clan as we cling to each other for guidance.


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