Txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly)

I do not remember much of my life before i was adopted by the clan. i remember being very confused.
my hair was blue, and my skin was not…
i was invited to come here by ting’tirea and i met her mate tsam’pa’li. i met others of those i now call my brothers and sisters at the campfire that evening. i learned to dance…
tsam helped me find my true colors, and ting gave me clothing more suitable for life in the pandora forests. naring gave me a better bow and taught me how to wear it and use it.
our tsahik m’shkaa accepted me as a member of our family, and she sent me to eyktan tygeriz, who accepted me for training as hawpanyu. at this same time, ting’tirea named me txep’ongokx, because it was at the fire i learned i was na’vi.
and so i have spent all the time i remember learning to walk and run and live in the way of the people.
i have learned much in my quest…
in the swamps where the viper wolves roam, i have found beautiful caves hidden behind waterfalls, and a candle that triggers a bloom in the chamber above to glow.
in the caves beneath home tree, i found a room where the floor is covered with water, full of many luscious plants and sacred flowers. it is peaceful there, adn a good place to go when one needs meditation and reflection.
i have spent many hours along the shore and in the waters, where there many fish and shellfish swim and creep. there are great blowfish with countless tentacles looking like an eye without a face.
i have climbed the sides of the canyon, and run away from the hammerheads on the plains. and i have rested beneath the tree of voices and prayed before the tree of souls.
i have completed my first quest in training for the hawpanyu and i am learnnig now to identify plants by their proper names.
i have been blessed by the friendship and encouragement of my brothers and sisters… ting’tirea, tsam’pa’li, naring txe’lan, niwin and tompa syulang.
i have many brothers and sisters now, and i am not alone.
and now i have naring, too

Today. i am honored to serve my clan as hawpanyu eyktan. my nawm hawpanyu sa’nok tirea’atan has honored me greatly with much praise for what i have learned and for how i listen to the song eywa sings. my tsahik m’shkaa honors me as well, taking me as apprentice and teaching me skills to control the dreams from the spirit world.
eywa does grant me many many more blessings than ever i could have dreamed before i knew i am na’vi.


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