M’shkaa Tanhi’ong (Mishka Darkrose)

I was born M’shkaa Tanhi’ong, a child from a clan that no longer exists. I was raised by my grandmother, the tsahik of that clan. We were the only survivors. She taught me the secrets of healing using energy from Eywa and using the gifts of Eywa’s creatures and plants. She taught me what I needed to know to survive in the forest alone. She was very skilled and could walk both in our world and in the spirit world. One day, though, she did not return from the spirit world. I was truly alone.
I was an older child, nearly a woman, when I wandered into the village of the Txampay and was adopted by the Eyktan, Utral’lor. I lived happily with these people and learned their ways. I became Txampay and helped heal my brothers and sisters. After my womanhood ceremony, I began to have strange dreams of another land with a small clan that had no healer. I told this dream to Utral’lor and packed my things on my ikran. Eywa was calling me to help these people and I had to go.

I arrived on the plains of Pandora and found the clan that had been in my dreams. These people welcomed me as a healer, and soon I began to teach new healers among them. The clan grew stronger and people wandered in from all over Pandora. People who had lost everything, and had been sent by Eywa to form this new clan. I cared for them as if they were my own true birth family. All were welcome and sheltered in the plains clan home tree.

My work with the people did not go unnoticed. The eyktan of the plains people had been watching me. My heart pulled me to him as I also watched how tirelessly he worked to lead and provide for the clan. Txon Menari and I became mates before Eywa and then in a ceremony before our clan on the same day that I was called to be the clan tsahik. Our love for each other was matched only by our love for the people of our clan. 􀀂

Our joy and peace was interrupted when sky people arrived on the plains. With them came a terrible illness that the healers and I were powerless to contain. On the same night, Txon and I were given a dream from Eywa. She showed us a burning home tree, a land and a people sickened by disease and destruction, and strange crazed creatures. The humans had unleashed something terrible and we had to evacuate that place.

Gathering our clan together, we took only what we could carry on ikran and pa’li. Heartsick, we set off on a long journey trusting Eywa to bring us to safety. Hunters and warriors scouted ahead as we traveled. When we were weary, we rested on empty sky mountains. Until one day Txon returned with word of an island in the sea. We flew there quickly on our ikrani, and found our new home.

Here, in the arms of Eywa, we live in beauty and joy. Our hearts are healed by the scent of the ocean and the flowering forest. We have become the Txe’lan Olo, the heart clan. Our hearts spill over with love for Eywa and for each other.
I am now M’shkaa Menari, mate of Txon Menari. I am tsahik of the Txe’lan ‘olo in Pandora HomeTree Island. My days are filled with peace and the love of my people. I am blessed to live among people who are closer to me than any family could be. We are the Txe’lan ‘olo. We are family. We are one!

~M’shkaa Menari
Txe’lan Tsahik
mate to Txon Menari
Txe’lan Eyktan


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