Ash (Ashwi Stipe)

Ash (ashwi.stipe) stands atop the highest peek overlooking what she once cherished as the great and wise mother, “Eywa” her eyes filled with rage and hate, fer fingers dance slowly across the butt of the flamethrower she has used on this tree so many times in the past. her other finger toying with the trigger…. clenching her jaw tightly as she draws a deep breath, her word come slowly, her voice low, “You are nothing…. I believed in you, and you let me down, now my brothers and sisters still blinded by your lies, march endlessly to their deaths, because they have not seen the truth. Her body turns quickly in the direction of the tree, her voice now booming, Well, I HAVE!! I HAVE SEEN THE TRUTH, I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, AND WHAT YOU ARE NOT! her voice drops back to a growl, “One day they too will see!!!”

Ash (ashwi.stipe) shakes her head in disgust, as she mutters, “You are no God, You are no leader, You are not worth the soil your grow in… You have turned them into cowards, fearful children who are like animals to the slaughter. The day is coming…. I will be here to rip your last root from this ground, I will leave nothing left of you” turns on her heal and walks calmly away.


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