Etana (Tizzy Toxx)

Etana Was born into a Loving Na”vi family .. loosing her mother in child birth … Etana was raised by her father and grandfather .. who were both fierce warriors. Etana grew….. her father and Grandfather taught her many things .nothing off limits to this curious little tomboy Na’vi girl ……. weaving Na’vi baskets, needed things for survival later , how to hold a spear for fishing, and most important, know the forest , how to handle weapons that may save her life one day . The hardest lesson came one afternoon enjoying the company of our clan … a great bird came from the sky … and separated Etana from her Father and grandfather … only to find shortly after Etana’s grandfather return alone .. This would be the first of many attacks on the people … as the people fled , many were taking in number to large to tell …. now became a need for survival … the need to keep safe,

Etana’s Grandfather had a new mission to keep Etana safe make her the best warrior he could,,,, and the teaching began..
he also told of a clan far far off … that if something should happen to him … Etana should leave this part of the forest and seek this Navi clan… Etana was a teen when her Grandfather was also taken … old and brittle he spent his life protecting the people he loved so much he was gone the land destroyed the people separated and lost … Etana set off into the forest with her companion her horse Zur i & Ikran Ziya, flying high above in search of new land, and a peaceful life with the clan her Grandfather spoke of so many times . Etana is Curious , innocent, playful, loving, a quiet warrior, she speaks little since the death of her Grandfather …Etana makes all her own things from native things found in the forest , she’s watchful and ever learning, stronger then most . Her only secret…. she is half human with NO Na’vi markings,,,,one blue eye she gets from her father … shes embarrassed tries to hide her eye with her long flowing hair, her skin with war paints.

Would Etana be accepted into this clan .. could she prove her worth to them , and draw on all she was taught …. could she even find them ? strong and eager she set out to do just that ……. Today Etana is a proud part of Txampay Pongu Clan of the eastern sea …… there she has found a family and will defend to save her people , if it means her life .

Mated to Moonshadow  for life on July 25th, 2010.


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