Txon Menari (Al Abonwood)

Usual Na’vi childhood and training. Took a wife who was killed by a mining bulldozer.  His infant daughter (Alyara) survived though for many years he did not know this.  In grief he wandered and eventually joined the Pa’li clan.  Was a Pa’li rider in the great battle which drove the humans off Pandora the first time.  Knocked unconscious when his dire horse was shot from underneath him, the young Txon, survived and returned to his village which was decimated by the loss of men and animals.  He became the Lead Hunter in his clan, then Second to the Ekytan and finally when the Ekytan was badly wounded in battle, he became leader of this clan.  He also took a new mate, M’shhka, Tsahik of the clan.

After some years of leadership over a constantly growing clan, humans reappeared and began once again to trouble the Na’vi.  A strange sickness of the mind overtook some of the clan in nearby villages.  To prevent all from being infected, Txon and his people in one night took what they could and struck out together to find a safe home.  After many months they came upon an island with a perfect giant tree.  There were no inhabitants, but plenty of game and fruit trees.  They built a new village and soon were strong and prosperous again.  In spite of his years, Txon is still known to take on two skilled contestants at a time in battle practice.


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