Alyara Marali Ninat (Lil Rhiadra)

Alyara set out on a 3 month journey accross the far reaches of Pandora to collect plants  and herbs and study medicine.  Upon her return home she discovered her clan gone  her home tree gone split in 2 and smoldering by some great cataclysm.  Natural disaster, attack? she did not know  her fellow clans people lie dead or just gone everything destroyed and she was left totally alone.  with no home and no clan family she set off to search for a new place of belonging.  Exhausted and hungry she stumbled upon a new clan still clutching her bag of plants and herbs and what knowledge she gained on her journey.  Nervous and frightened and traumatized by all the events she approached the new clan.  a new home and family?  would they accept her?  she could only hope…..


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