Ngay’tirea Nari (Libertybelle Lyric)

“The History of Ngay’tirea”

Ngay’tirea and Keyeung were in the old school playing, while his father, the Eyktan of the Tanhi tribe was busy organizing the remnants of the learning materials left behind by Dr. Grace and her crew. After the death of Sa’wanna and the other young Na’vi warriors who dared to attack one of the human machines, the school was but a shell. Then there was a horrible noise, an explosion nearby and all of a sudden the whole school was engulfed in flames. Lekeye’ung, the Eyktan, grabbed a beam that was falling so Ngay and Keye could get out. Just then the building collapsed around him and his screams were heard through out the forest. They ran toward her mother and father’s camp but could not get near and the sky people were all around. They were spotted and off they ran.

The sun was beating down on her shoulders as she ran from the sky people, at the age of 8 she was quick and agile but Ngay’tirea seemed to be outmatched by the speed of the vehicles that were gaining on her.

Her mother, Ney’tiri and Father Jake Sully, were both gone, burned beyond recognition in the jungle fire set by the awful weapon that shoots fire, she was alone and helpless. The Elders of the clan were being hidden away, safe from harm when Ngay’tirea ran off to chase her mother’s Dire-horse, just hoping to catch a glimpse of a familiar face, maybe even a family member,
when the vehicle came up on her.

She was startled and she was angry and felt hatred more than she felt fear when she saw the sky people start to dismount the vehicle.
She ran hard, like the wind but was soon blocked off and they caught her.
She was biting and spitting like a wild animal, she had dirty skin and hair, the braids were full of leaves and she looked like something you shouldn’t get too close to… especially if you were human.
They overpowered her, took her with them to the space station and put her in a small glass room with a bench and a metal bowl with water… she was thirsty but instinct told her that she shouldn’t trust skypeople water.

She sat curled up on the floor, in the corner, afraid and very confused. She had some kind of mask on her face to breathe with. She pulled it off but as soon as she smelled the air she put it back on.
It was acrid and it burned her nostrils and throat when she breathed in. She was not on Pandora.
She sobbed silently, outwardly, remaining stoic. She began to get weak from the stress and she slept. Feeling herself being held down, she started to squirm. There was a sharp pain in her Shoulder from being injected with a needle with a bio luminescent liquid. She passed out. How much time had passed she wondered when she woke. She heard the voices in the next room and watched as they were busy all around her. They were preparing a tub of water and a table she knew it was for her but had no idea what they were going to do.
A  lady in a white coat, Dr. Kaeli Rankin approached Ngay’tirea. She knew intuitively that she was a human healer and had seen her while on Pandora mindful to keep her distance. Ngay, backed up and away, into the room, both palms flat against the wall. The womans voice was soft and compelling, almost sympathetic. Remembering that she was also a dreamwalker,
Ngay relaxed a little and watched as the woman motioned for her to follow.

She knew that she had better cooperate and so she followed the female sky person over to the tub.
There was a curtain being drawn and that gave Ngay and Dr. “Kaeli” some privacy. Dr. Kaeli showed Ngay the sponge and soap
Ngay took it and bathed. MMMM the fragrance was wonderful. The soap she was using was so nice but she wasn’t a stranger to some of the human things, her father had made trades with some of the humans from time to time.Dr. Kaeli handed Ngay a cup of warm tea.
The tea was sweet and tart at the same time. It was the the first tea she ever had and she liked it. She was so thirsty that her tongue was swollen and her throat was painful.
The Dr. had a bowl of Pandoran fruits and nuts, berries and sweet beans. Ngay filled her tummy and ate every berrie and nut before stopping. Sitting across the table from the female she was not feeling threatened. She felt safer than if she were alone in the small open room. Like a caged animal.
She understood English and this skyperson was being very apologetic for the way Ngay had been taken and she seemed to want to help. The male skyperson that she interacted with Captain Torrus, was very authoritarian, the rank suited him. He was smaller than most humans and barely the size of this 8 yr old Na’vi female. He refused to stand too close to her, he must have been afraid that he would seem smaller. Ngay could tell there was animosity between the two, a lot of friction. Though Dr. Kaeli seemed not to be afraid of him.

Ngay sat quiet, watching them, listening and not letting on that she that knew every word they spoke. Sitting with her mask on, feeling the snugness of it on her face, finding it annoying and aggravating, she coughed a few times and held herself. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders and shivered a bit. It was entirely too chilly in this place. She coughed again and began to shiver harder. Dr. Kaeli got her a blanket to put around her shoulders. Breathing more rapidly, Ngay started to feel a bit faint.

The Dr. helped her over to a cot and had her lie down. Taking Ngay’s temperature, She was startled to learn that it was 105 degrees.
Dr. Kaeli didn’t know what Dr. Grace had found out concerning the body temperature of the Na’vi. So many of her notes were destroyed in the fires. Here she sits with a sick Na’vi and needs to know more about how to treat this child.
While Ngay was laying there she hoped and prayed that they didn’t find out that she is the daughter of Jake Sully and Ney’tiri. There is surely some humans who would claim her as property of the US Military and take her to that place Jake told her about, Area 51, a place where they experiment on other races from different planets. She had heard stories and was not about to offer up any information.

Jake had warned her to keep silent if they ever found her. She heard the Captain say that he was going to Hell’s Gate. She knew that was on Pandora and started trying to figure out how she could get them to take her there. Just like a human female child, she learned early on how to get her way with her father. He was much softer than her mother. She started sobbing a little to get the attention of the doctor. She was holding herself and acting much sicker than she felt.

Dr. Kaeli said to the Captain that she wanted to return the child to the surface. He raised his bushy eyebrows and scoffed, looking like he had a bad case of tissane gas, he said with a smirk and shook his head adamantly, that the child was here as a hostage but also to be a very useful subject to help reproduce and clone Na’vi that would infiltrate and hand Pandora over to them.

As he left the room to get prepared and Dr. Kaeli was looking down at Ngay. Ngay whispered in a child like voice, “please help me” I’m dying”. Shocked that she knew how to speak English so fluently, the Dr. leaned down and got closer. Ngay repeated, “Please help me”.
The Captain went straight to the cargo plane and settled in. Dr. Kaeli made a moral decision right then to save the child. She helped Ngay to her feet and took her quickly to the planes cargo hold.
She put Ngay inside the container and went to get supplies. She came back with her oxygen mask and her gun and crawled into a container and prayed.
The plane took off and Ngay fell silent, breathing heavy and hoping her heartbeat couldn’t be heard. Dr. Kaeli got a cold chill up her spine. When they started descending, Ngay began to pray to Eywa. She was very thankful to the human who helped her.

The landing was ruff and bruised them both but they were thankful to still be alive and they had to get out fast, before the cargo hold was emptied and the hatches shut. Dr. Kaeli got out and helped Ngay do the same. As soon as the doors parted the Dr. pushed the button and lowered the ramp. They ran away from the plane over the tarmac. Ngay was so much faster than Dr. Kaeli and she heard her scream to her to run, when they caught her. Dr. Kaeli  was led away in handcuffs and placed under arrest but Ngay was already at the edge of the forest. She was on Pandora.
There was nothing familiar about the terrain; it was a different part of the planet entirely!!! She was glad to be on Pandora, she ran and ran, then she came to the Tree of Voices, she saw the hiding plant! She got inside the plant and wrapped herself in the sticky aloe like leaves and she knew she was safe.
The humans looked high and low in thick brush for the Na’vi child but could not find her. She was safe for now.
Ngay found her way to the village after she heard the plane roar out. There she met a warrior, Ean’tirea. He gave her some water from his water bag and used his horn summoned to the healers. The healer arrived after a few minutes and looked deeply into Ngay’s eyes and could hear her heart and feel her anxiety. She went to her pouch and retrieved a small container. The Viper wolf Elixir was bitter but did the trick. She was feeling so much better but the emotional turmoil and pain caused by the death of her parents came to the surface. She was very sad and felt very alone.

Days and weeks passed and she was accepted in the clan of Txampay. Ean’tirea and his mate took to Ngay and soon were here adopted parents. They nurtured her and taught her many wonderful things. They sheltered her and taught her to be a good student. She grew to bond and love them with all her being. They brought her to woman hood and now she was to soon decide her path. She was so angry with the sky people and she wanted revenge. She became a warrior and she learned well.
The Na’vi Nawm Eyk, Boots worked with her and helped her to steady her aim. Then it was time to learn to fly the mighty Ikran. She turned 18 and climbed the mountain with her brothers and sisters. She beat the beast who challenged her and she bonded with him, flying through the “Hallelujah Mountains”.

Soon she became close as a sister with her new friend Beloved. They went everywhere together as family. She was slowly finding a new identity, being careful not to tell anyone of her family, her mother and father, of Ney’tiri and Jake Sully.

She learned to fish with Boots, Willow and Ney’tirea. Willow soon became the clan leader and taught Ngay the ways of the clan. Ney’teria moved on to other parts but visits upon occasion to trade for fish or medicine. She studied hard and followed Willow and Boots around, learning and growing stronger. Ngay became a teacher of the ways to the new clan members and became the Nawm Eyk Karyu (teacher).

She still wonders what happened to Dr. Kaeli and what became of her. She is forever grateful to her for the risk she took and the selfless way she helped her to return home.

and the story continues….


“The way I had it figured, toruk is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. So why would he ever look up?”
– Jake Sully”

A Toruk Makto is a Na’vi individual who successfully manages to ride a great leonopteryx (Na’vi name: toruk). There had only been five Toruk Maktos until Jake Sully became one, and using the prestige of the position he unified the Na’vi against the RDA. The previous Toruk Makto was Neytiri’s great-great-grandfather, who had used the great respect given to such riders to unite the Na’vi clans five generations before in what was described as a “time of great sorrow.” Jake follows in his footsteps to unite the Na’vi against the human invaders. Toruk Makto translates as “Rider of the Last Shadow.” From the wiki……

After the death of Ney’tiri and Jake, Ngay’tira was watched over and protected by the Great Shadow and at her moment of need, he saved her from a viper wolf at the age of 12.
But she was not to call him for quite some years later though she saw him from time to time in the Hallelujah Mountains. Many times through her life she could sense his heartbeat and hear his breath on the wind as he slept nearby, hidden somewhere in the mountain.
When she was climbing high upon the vines in the Hallelujah mountains, she was shot by a soldier, inside a passing metal bird. Her leg was badly wounded and she lost her balance and began a tumble to the forest floor 3000 ft below. She hit the sides of the mountains, bouncing and bleeding… Then with a swoosh, the mighty Shadow broke her fall and she was trapped between the shadow and the mountain. Just below her there was a ledge and she made her way to it with a struggle.

She was trapped on the ledge with no supplies other than what she carried in her pouch. A small amount of elixir of Viper wolf and a pipe packed with sacred blue weed from the mountains. She was in a lot of pain and loosing blood. She applied pressure to the wound using the strips that covered her breast. applying the elixir and smoking the pipe, she rested.

After a while she awakened and sat there thinking of the mighty Toruk that she knew as a child. Wondering if she could call him… she gave a loud shriek. She could smell him, she could feel him near and she shrieked again. Her own Ikran came. He, (Taw) swooshed down and she climbed on and she bonded. She flew down to the forest floor and looked for the well known, Tsahik of the Omatikaya, Ma’ri. Ma’ri tended to her wounds and laid her to rest in the healers hut.

After three moons, Ngay, called her Ikran and went back to her mountain grotto. There she sat and contemplated as to the great Shadow. She went to the falls and showered, walked to the Tree of Voices, growing on her mountain and bonded. She began to pray and seek guidance. “Eywa, thanks to you, I live, I wish to see a vision of the way it shall be. I will seek a dream ceremony if it is your will. The seeds floated around her and her answer was apparent.

She stood and shrieked a long shrill shriek and the light was blotted overhead and the scent was strong. The wind changed and he came. Ngay stood face to face with the great Shadow. Lowering her eyes and reaching into the pouch for a fruit, she gifted the Shadow and spoke softly. “I see you”.
She used her queue and made the bond. Her heart raced with his as her eyes became white fire.
They became one and took to the Pandoran sky. So far, so fast… A smile crossed her lips and her heart became heavy then with the weight and the balance of life flowing through her. She could feel Eywa incarnate inside the great Shadow….. She could taste the unobtanium on the wind.
After what seemed like forever, she took the great shadow to her grotto and jumped from his back.

Shaking and tired she showered and slept.

The Chronicles of Ngay’tirea
Chronicle 1 The Beginning

The night was a typical Pandoran night, warm with a cool breeze blowing softly, the smell of the ocean and the nearby vegetation filling her
senses as she lay on the cool moist leaves. way up on top of a hill.

Breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the wild beast roaming nearby she was content and thankful that the sky people hadn’t returned in over a week.

As she smiled and prayed to Eywa, she heard something out of the ordinary. Startled and thinking she thanked Eywa just a little too soon for the peace
and contentment. She raised up on her knees and sniffed the air.
She didn’t smell human but she did smell Na’vi. She reached down and adjusted her loin cloth to ride her hip slightly lower and walked toward the scent.
As she drew nearer she smelled blood on the night air and she heard a faint moaning in the distance.

She went into stealth mode and cautiously hurried toward the sound. She approached a Na’vi that she did not know by scent. She could not see who he was because of the caked,
dry layers of mud and the massive areas covered in blood.
She knelt down next to him and could hear him moaning slightly. Feeling the fire in his skin and alarmed by his fever she began to wash him with the water from
the plant that sister Tizzy had planted.

Remembering what the Hawpanyu Boots had told her about the importance of cooling down when sickness begins.
cleaning his wounds she saw that he was still losing blood. She wrapped him in leaves and called her Ikran Taw’tirea.
As she waited for her Taw, she prayed for the blessings of Eywa once again…

Who is this Na’vi? Where did he come from? What was his business and how did he get hurt so badly?
She had questions. He had answers. She is just hoping he makes it so she can hear his tale.
The sounds of her Ikran grew near, wings flapping, breath hard and snorts growing closer she could feel the Ikran’s heartbeat just minutes away.
The smell of him filling her senses

Closer and closer he came and her heart was racing with her own agitation combined with the powerful strength of Taw’tirea’s own pulsing.
Down he comes, swooping in and focusing sensing her anxiety, he screams low and long. She pulls the strange Na’vi closer and she hoist him up to the strong, large, back of her beast, climbing on quickly and bonding.
The Ikran rose in the still of the night, through the mist and floating mountains high above Pandora.

Making their way through the mist and thick haze of the starlit sky, Ngay’tirea was all business. One of her clan’s strongest and most feared warriors,
ready to take on wilder beast and any challenges, now trembling and confused as to why she herself is feeling the pain and heavy sensations of her passenger so acutely.
Arriving on the mountain top of her grotto with a rustling of the bioluminescent, Pandoran thick grasses Taw’tirea makes her way through to the mouth of the caverns with her passengers. Stopping close to the waterfall she leans close to the ground to give dismount.

Ngay’ jumps down and pulls the wounded Na’vi with her. Taw disappears with a swoosh and calls to Ngay’ from the sky as if to say see you soon.
Ngay brewed a fresh batch of tissane before leaving the mountain and it was steeped and ready to drink. She poured some in the cup and lifted it to the mouth of the mumbling, incoherent Na’vi. He gasps as he swallowed the warm liquid and tried to move. This was strangely familiar to him and very welcome. He sipped slowly and gazed out trying to focus. She spoke to him softly, “I am Ngay’tirea” You rest ( Oel lu, nga ). You are weak and almost dead; do not try to get up.
( Nga lu meyp ulte stum kerusey, ra’a fmi ne )
He closed his eyes and slept.
As she looked at him with questions on her lips, she knew he was going to live but also knew that she must take great care to heal those deep wounds.
Swollen and bruised his face was not familiar as even from a nearby clan family, no resemblance to anyone of the tribes she knows.
She went outside the cavern and once again called Taw. RoooHahhh and she waited for her Ikran. Within moments she mounted her and was on her way to the surface
to look for the plants she would need in the coming days to nurture and heal this visitor that she felt such a strong connection to. Jumping from taw from higher than usual
and in such a hurry she landed in a patch of thistle plant and felt the pointy thistles puncture her bare feet.
Shaking her head at disbelief of her own carelessness she swore in Na’vi.

Gathering up Spiney Whips (Pxayzekwä) to nurture and panopyra (Tawtsngal ) for healing she raises her eyesj to the darkened sky and calls Taw, Roohahhh… Taw is only moments from her
Back up through the mountains and the mist she feels the itching and burning on her feet. Mrawwwww.
She hadn’t realized the time had so quickly gone by, the sun was peeking out through the mist and morning was breaking once again on Pandora. She was tired and sweaty, hungry and anxious.
Taw nears her grotto and she jumps once again, landing hard on the bottoms of her sore feet. Mrawwww
Her visitor was awake and staring, seemingly immobile as she approached. In a daze and weak, rushing to him she sees the swelling is going down and the bruises are less noticeable.

She spoke softly. Kneeling close to him she whispers softly “here drink the warm tissane and lie still brother. I have Pxayzekwa for you to eat and it will make you stronger. Your fever has gone down some.
She reaches into her pouch and pulled a vileof Viper wolf elixir to reduce the fever. Speaking low and soft with tender shaking voice she asked him to please drink the viper wolf elixir to help you”. (Oel nga ne yom ulte si nga. ngeya sla rutxe nantang ne srung nga.)

She looks into his eyes, they held her captive and she can’t look away. He sees her and he tells her he sees her (Oel ngati kameie). She hears his voice, warm but rough from dryness.
She softly tells him as well as her voice catches a little in her throat.
What is this strange attraction, somehow a deep connection to someone she does not know the first thing about? Can he feel her? Does he hear her heart? She hears his heart rate rising and touches his face carefully with a wet leaf. The silky smooth leaf was a welcome touch to his warm skin. He gazed deep into her eyes as she touched him and realized, he was alive.

She sat up straight, her breast rising and falling with her heart pounding hard within her. He noticed her beauty and her blue, silky skin, glistening wet with perspiration and her feathers barely covering her nipples. Yes, he was alive and beginning to really want to get stronger. This lovely creature is a vision unlike any he has seen and he is stirring deep within his soul.
He can’t tell her who he is because right now, he does not know. She has not asked him and for this he is grateful.
He needs to rest but is fearful that when he wakes, she may be gone. He touches her hand weakly with his own and passes out.
She felt a shot of electricity shoot through her when his fingers brushed against her thigh as his hand dropped from hers.

She got up and could smell her sweat. Tired and feet itching she drug herself to the waterfall. removing her bow, slung over her back and her bag of stones from her hip she stood under the cool clear falls, drenching her self as she stripped out of her top and loin cloth.
Standing naked in the falls as she has so many times she shuddered as a new sensation swept through her, a joy that she has never known. As she washed, she smelled her sweet slickery substance before applying it to the soft leaf to wash her body from top to bottom. Sleepy now she curls up next to him, careful not to touch him and dozes off.

The Chronicles of Ngay’tirea
Chronicle 2 The Awakening

Ngay’tirea woke before the sun was high. She dressed quietly and set out down the mountain crossing vines from one to the other to get to where she knew her brother Boots and Ekytan, (leader) Willow would be soon. She wanted to tell Her Ekytan about what had happened. When she got there,
Willow and Boots were gone so she went in search of Ean’tirea. He was gone as well. Then she remembered there was to be a feast in the evening and that all of the clan would be preparing for it and that is where they must be. She wishes her friend Ba’el hadn’t gone so far away. She was always there for her and now she was in some strange land with another clan trying to defuse a bad situation. Ngay and her new sister Beloved learned the forest together. Her new adopted parents were gathering herbs for the pot and looking to find banana fruit.

The sun was warm on his skin as it peered into the cavern through the opening and his eyes fluttered.
He sat up a little on his elbows and winced from the pain. It wasn’t a dream but there was no sign of the female who helped him to heal. He remembered her beauty and her strength and he wanted to see her. He listened intently for a sound of her nearby and there was none. Disappointed that she was not near, he closed his eyes and drifted back off to sleep.

To Be Continued…………

Author : Libertybelle Lyric
AKA Libby
AKA Ngay’tirea Nari


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