Naring’Nari (Joey Aboma)

Eyktan of the Viltra Lu Pxayor clan

In the lands of Telemaque, Naring’nari began life with wonder and discovery as a small child exploring the illuminated forests and listening to the voices of generations as he drew closer to Eywa.  It was a magical time of excitement and joy as Nari learned the wonders of Pandora and played with other Na’vi children.

But then one day, things suddenly changed!  Strange birds soared down from the sky.  Creatures emerged from the fake birds and sprayed their metal capsules in every direction.  They pierced the flesh of the clan and defiled the lands of Pandora with their death and destruction.  Nari’s nostrils were filled with the smells of burning trees and his ears echoed with the screams of his people being slaughtered.  His mother sheltered him from the bullets of the humans, trading her life for his, by providing a cocoon…and then all went dark.

Time seemed to stand still forever…until hands peeled back his mother’s arms and pulled him away from that last touch of life.  It was like a baby being stolen from the womb of a mother.  All that was his world was taken from him…as he was put into a cold, metal container and shipped away to lands unknown.  The RDA did experiments on him.  Noticing the bite marks on his right ear, they cut away parts of his ears to look at them with their tubes in the labs of white coats.  Nari prayed to Eywa for escape as he looked for ways to keep his mind sharp and learn things that could help reveal where he was and how to return home again.  Many years passed as he waited, imprisoned by the humans, and used for testing different things.  Hatred grew more and more within him as his nightmares came both day and night.

Then one day, the humans needed to move him to an underwater structure in Peyfyao Tsray.  The RDA wasn’t sure how Na’vi would breath underwater.  So when they brought him to the water and tried to place the mask on his face, Nari thrashed at them in a fury that had been building inside him for many years.  Another Na’vi clan heard the commotion and joined the fight from the shores with their spears spiraling past and ikrans taking to the skies.

Nari escaped and washed ashore, where he was greeted by the other Na’vi as one of their own.  They tended to his wounds and prayed to Eywa to restore his mind, body, and spirit.  Nari had much hate for the humans of the RDA and wrestled with his pains for many nights.  Eywa spoke to him in his dreams, showing him two paths in front of him: one with healing…and the other with revenge.  Night after night, Nari explored the two paths to learn what he could from his dreams.

Eywa taught Nari the path for him next was one of healing instead of one of killing.  He needed to learn compassion from his people.  He became a Hawpanyu to learn the ways of healing for his people.  As a child, he had seen too much death and destruction.  He now listened to the healing powers which Eywa helped him to learn.  The child named for his “Forest Eye” had now become the man connecting once again to the trees of the forest as he learned the ways of the Apxa’Ioang awnga’tei clan of Pandora.

One day, Brother Barber invited Nari to a hunting class on the beaches of Telemaque taught by Sister Ngay’tirea.  Swimming up to the beaches, he felt a strange wonder at this place and couldn’t stop watching Sister Ngay.  Like Deja Vu, he sensed things familiar, but his mind could not connect what he saw to his memories which were still locked within.  He had come to learn to hunt, but found himself instead drawn to watching the beauty of her battle dance.  Suddenly Ngay threw a spear at his feet!

That is when he knew her again.  It was like his memories washed over him in waves seeing the time as children they had played  upon this beach and she had bit his ear then too.  He wrestled her over to not let her best him as two Na’vi seemed to be in a place where time stood still playfully fighting in each other’s arms.  Eywa had chosen for him his mate.  This was the one he knew as he started remembering dreams he had while imprisoned by the RDA.  For those many years, he had dreamt things that were strange to him.  Visions that he did not understand.  Night after night in his dreams, Nari had seen himself perched atop a mountain watching over his Sister Ngay as she slept.  And now Eywa revealed that he was protecting his Sister with his spirit those many years of his imprisonment.

Nari and Ngay were soon after  joined as mates for all of eternity.  For when two become one in Pandora, it is a sacred union of their two minds, their two hearts, their two spirits.  This union also brought hope for a union of their two clans through Eywa.  They lived a life that restored their faith in that magic that is Pandora and the people that had grown to beome their family.  Nari also learnd from Ngay that while some of the RDA had let evil consume them with their greed, there were other humans with love and compasion in their hearts.  Nari began to release the pain and accept the possiblities that some humans were good, but still did not forget the evil that they were capable of bringing to Pandora.


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