Barber Barbarossa

Barber Barbarossa
Yawne fpak’yu (beloved elder) of Olo’hawpanyu

My family and all my clan lived on a TOTALLY peceful sim
then the hoomans came burning and pilliaging all thet was before them:(
My parents were killed by the horrible hoomans!
my mother threw mw to her ikran who grabbed me and saved my life

we had no weapons even!
on July 19, 2011:

Let me show you a picture and tell the story about it
(IMAGE Ladykiller, Sandra and Batuh HomeTree , Lifestyle)

When you can look at that picture
That is 14years ago
My father, my mother and myself
i couldbnt say barber then
So i was called Batuh
that was taken at hometree
which the hoomans set fire too and burned it down
it was on the old sim called lifestyle
we were completly a peaceful clan
we had no weapons even
we heard a terrible sound and hughe things came thru the land ruining every thing in its path
my mother and father grabbed me
and ran as best as they could
they were killed with the huan terrible weapons then i was lucky
before my mother died she gave me to her ikran
he (ubar of the skies) took me in my little basket and flew up into the air above where those devils could reach
after that i found out later that out home tree was burned down along even with the tree of souls
it seems to me that all was fire and terrible sounds
the wonderful ikran flew to where it lived on the mountain top
It gently sat me down there in it’s nest
not to eat me but
to nourash me
they spoke to each other and included the ground animals in taking care
of me
they brought fruit and berries and many fish for my stomach to have
time passed i learned thier way of talking
I love all of the wonderful animals
i grew as time went by
Ewya spoke to my friends the animals and said
it was time for me to leave
ubar carried me on its back (i was bigger)
yes that was then name given it by my father and mother
i understand it is from a Gorean word i dont know why it was called that
I goting of any other place except my land
they said to me farewell
(IN animal language
it is thinking like ewya does
ubar sat me down on a shore by an ocean
there was a large leaf there that was floating
I know i was supposed to get on that leaf
i did and it floated far over the water i had fruit and berries to eat
and a fish even jumped into the lkeaf to give itself to me to eat!
i came to land and the leaf drifted up on the shore
I got out and was discovered by more people like myself
all blue and with a tail
and real tall
they were afread of me
i must have looked awful
they did tho take me to a village
they all were real curious about meAlarge NA”VI
a large na’vi(I learned that was what i was=na’vi) came forward
and held my braid
i was born with the braid
he took it and touched the end of it to his own braid on the end
I suddenly knew what was in his mind!
and he knew what was in mine
ilearned that this was a land called Pandora
I lived there and learned
many things
as a man i learned the ways of the warrior
i rode the dire horse
I say the stiff horse
I learned about our blessed mother called Ewya
i learned to pray and meditate
i became close to the blessed mother
i had visions and dreams
I learned to listen to those and follow them
as my life went on i learned
who the terrible hoomans were
they want to take our land in thier big iron birds and leave with it
WE all said “THIS IS OUR LAND””
they didnt care
they were greedy and murders
I Learned that it was THEM that destroyed my home tree and our soul tree and especially my parents
I hATED them!!!
I still do it is a big struggle to be a healer and a leader
and earn
the name Beloved Elder
still i wake up and scream mother
help me
Ewya understands i can speak to my mother and father thru the soul tree
I go there and connect my braid to Ewya and she shows me them
as time went by i had many adventures here
i finally knoiw it was time to give my bow to another leader
Patrice always was loyall to us
she was more na’vi than hooman
it was determined to have her pass thru the eye of ewya she became badly injured by the humans
she was bleeding to death
brother al took het to the sacred tree
Mishka was there too
and the clans were too
we prayed hard to Ewya to take her and recieve her soul into a na’vi body
there was lots of praying she was laid on the ground tucing the body that was prepaired for her
it was a wondress thing to see
I was there with all my brothers and sisters
she was placed close to her na’vi self
we watched as the soul left her and went into the new body
it was a wonderful thing that was the only time i have seen this
after a while she as her na’vi self stirred and began to move
Mishka laid hands on her we of the trines all laid hands on
each other and
finally to her
she rose and was 100% navi
which she will always be!
that brings us to now
brother i have other stories
this is a true story and you are the first to hear it all
remember it so you can pass it on to
others especially the children
and the new people from far off
I am now finished
the sky here is strange it is still dark
now y ou have my story my brother
will you pass it on ?
I will make a notecard with it on it
i told you this from my head and mouth
with ewyas help
be well brother your welcome here any time
i asm going to go down below now

AS TOLD TO JOEY ABOMA by the beloved elder


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