Tompa’zup (Boots Zepp)

When Tompa’zup first arrived on the Txampay lands he was soul sick and body. He lost his family and clan to a sky people attack. Some argued that peace could be negotiated, but in the end, it mattered not. While hunting one day, he heard in the far distance the sound of clan drums and alarm horns. Arriving too late, the clan village was on fire and almost all were dead.

After wandering alone through the forest, always heading to the east, Tompa arrived at the Eastern Sea. He built a humble fish camp by the shore and kept to himself. One day  an ancient Hawpanyu Tsashik came to him and told him he had to chose a path, Toronyu, Tsamsiyu or Hawpanyu.  A spark of resistance, until now dim, re-ignited at the presumption of this ancient Na’vi, so he declared “I will follow the paths of the Hawpanyu. The spirit to heal is strong in me.” After many months of training Tompa learned the way of the healer, the medicinal plants and finally the healing spirit touch. Through meditation and living a monk’s life, Tompa reached a state of oneness with the land and Eywa and was accepted into the order of the Unil Tireafya’o, the Dream Custodians.

The sacred Dream Ceremony is performed by Unil Tireafya’o to connect the Dream of Pandora with Eywa, the planet and the ten thousand living things. This is all I can say about this now, as it is a ceremony that can only be understood when witnessed.

One day the sky people came to the land of the Txampay where Tompa and the other Hawpanyu lived and studied. It was a terrible day, the sky people set fire to the Tree of Souls and many Na’vi Tsamsiyu and hawpanyu died trying to defend it. It was the first time Tompa saw the Sky People and their leader General Dyn. It was also the day Tompa decided his path would change from the way of the Hawpanyu to the way of the Tsamsiyu. “As Hawpanyu I have learned how to heal, as Unil Tirefya’o how to create, now I will learn how to destroy!”

Tompa made his way to the Eastern Shore where the Tsamsiyu trained. He sat in the shadows, watching, waiting. One day he made a staff of hard wood and walked into the clearing and challenged the lead warrior. A few seconds later, after spitting sand and sea shells out of his mouth, he tried again, and again… and many more times, he kept trying until his skills matched his determination. His mind and his soul were in balance. He wanted only one thing, to kill sky people. He had left the way of the healer, Eywa’s command to do no harm, and was now on a new path, the opposite path… to do as much harm as he could to General Dyn and his clan of invaders.

One day, while resting in his humble hut, he awoke to the singing of Utral’lor, the clan Eyktan. Even though much time had passed, Tompa had not joined the clan life. Utral’lor approached him and asked how he was, clearly concerned for the well being of this stranger, who lived near the Txampay clan, but was not yet one of them. They talked a little more each day. At first he was shy, but soon Tompa looked forward to seeing Utral’lor every morning.

After losing his family to the sky people raid, Tompa had built a wall around his heart, determined to protect himself against any more heart ache and loss. But somehow, this high spirited leader of the powerful Txampay clan, broke down that wall and he let her into his heart, and she let him into hers. That is all I will say about this. It can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

The Txampay warriors are renowned for their skills with bow, hand to hand combat and especially as Ikran riders. With determination and relentless practice, Tompa became a senior warrior, showing new recruits the use of weapons, battle tactics and strategies. In this way, and only this way, can we resist the sky people.

Many battles have taken place since that first one Tompa witnessed. Slowly the bloodlust and need for revenge against the Skypeople diminished and his position as a Unil Tireafya’o became dominent in his heart, mind and spirit. The clan had been without a Swokrinyu for many moons since Mingo left on her own spirit jouney. Utral’lor asked Tompa to become the Swokrinyu, a role he gratefully accepted and continues to grow into.

ℝ☉☉ -┢┦ÅÅAAA ! !
Tompa’zup (Boots Zepp)


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