Chief (suntzu.greybeard)

An RDA Pilot, SunTzu is following in the footsteps of three generations of Greybeards, with his father having served as a Colonel and his grandfather as a three star general during the Great Massacre.  Named after a far distant relative that mastered military strategy, SunTzu decided to take a different path than other Greybeards by climbing to the top of the enlisted ranks as a Master Sergeant.  With more than 30 years of service across the galaxies, time has harden his skin and personality with the spoils and pains of war.  He was nicknamed “Chief” by the troops he served with on one of his many covert missions as a crew chief.  He has been in many covert ops with RDA special ops doing missions that few would ever speak about.  He just arrived in Pandora and is not fond of the savage creatures here, especially the “blue monkeys” as he calls the Na’vi.


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