Ean’tirea (unclesamoriginal)

Ean’tirea is Txantur Sempul (Powerful Father) of the Viltra lu’ Pxayor Clan. Clan members refer to him simply as Sempu (Daddy). This is a term of endearment reflecting his approachability, not necessarily implying a genetic connection, although Sempu was popular among females clan members in his youth. Ean’tirea now resides in peace among his clan in the Hallelujah Mountains with his bride, the formidable and beautiful Tirea’Unil.

Beyond rumor, his history is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Ean’tirea was a contemporary of, and reportedly an advisor and friend to Lekeye’ung, fabled Ektan of the Tanni Clan. He was also a keen observer of, and eventual friend to, Jake Sully. Ean’tirea is believed to have quietly fostered and protected Sully’s acceptance into Na’vi society and his relationship to Ney’tiri, a Na’vi woman of substantial skill and insight. Ean’tirea’s true relationship to the couple may never be known, despite many efforts around the clan campfires to provoke his otherwise memorable story-telling skills; Ean’tirea has remained strangely silent on this subject.

Throughout the paraoxyms of violence that claimed the lives of Sully, Ney’tiri, and eventually Lekeye’ung, Ean’tirea is known to have worked tirelessly to ease refugee Na’vi suffering, through diplomatic means as well as quietly organizing and assuring the integrity of physical relief resources, rerouting supply lines and dealing harshly with profiteers. From his youth, he was intimately familiar with hooman ways, and at that critical juncture of Pandoran history, Ean’tirea used his connections and skills to subvert and confuse RDA forces, create constructive relationships with concerned scientists, and from the shadows, guide Na’vi leadership while in the depths of survival mode. His methods are seldom spoken of, but their successes are fondly recounted.

Despite the apparent tranquility of a peaceful and honorable retirement, and playful stories and antics around the clam campfires, a dark cloud follows Ean’tirea, resulting in frequent and dark absences. The cloud is the unexplained bond of the Clan, and their common denominator – injections of an unknown purpose and consequence, evidenced by a mark they all bear. It is said that Ean’tirea deliberately permitted himself to become captive and receive the injection, and the fate of the clan may now be spiritually tied to Sempu’s mysterious absences, and his occasional sober demeanor and long meditations.

It is noted that Ean’tirea mated with Tirea’Unil at a time when the only known offspring of Sully and Ney’tiri, Ngay’tirea Na’ring, came under their care. Their adopted daughter became a reknowned warrior in her own right, and a Nawm Eyk Karyu (teacher of others). Eventually Ngay’tirea Na’ring became Tsahik of the Viltra lu’ Pxayor Clan, and her Sempu remains where he serves best, in the shadows of the deepest jungle canopies.


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