Keyeung Attis

Role Warrior Apprentice of the Tanhi Clan

I didn’t really got to know my parents as I grew apart, spending more and more time in the forest exploring, hunting, from 12 moon years  onwards I began to spend more and more time away, always coming back with gifts and finds, my absence’s however became longer. I found things that I couldn’t understand, a strange thing with bodies in it, but not Na’vi, I was scared but curious and wanted to know more, I had seen creatures in the sky that were not of this world. I returned home after a long time away as I knew that soon I would have to decide my path and start my training, what I found will haunt me for the rest of my life.

There wasn’t much left, and no people, what little that remained was mostly ruins, I searched for my parents dwelling but it was gone, there was no-one, I felt so alone. Returning to the home I had come to know so well the forest, there I survived for a moon year before at the age of 15 moon years moving on. Without a plan or destination I walked for many moons, from time to time I would encounter other small  village’s and peoples, always I was made welcome, I learned much later that a great natural disaster had befallen my village and peoples, a great wave had come through the night a flood, most of my peoples had drowned that night and the few who had escaped with their lives had scattered.

I never found what happened to my parents, but I kept searching and moving on, I had heard more of these strange sky creatures and wanted to know more for myself, I followed the trails left in the sky, alone and underweight I stumbled into this forest which I didn’t know, I found more sky creatures and noisy things not of this world that chased me though the forest. Mostly they came at day so I learned quickly that I could get close to their encampment during the hours of the moon, I saw  strange creatures that looked Na’vi but were somehow different, and I saw more of these creatures who’s bodies I had first found several moon years ago. I could not understand their tongue so hid from them.

I was welcomed into the Tahni clan when I was was found wondering around their mountains…..


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