Kilvan maway (marcus.pinelli)

When i was a little boy I often followed my father who was once the Eyktan of this Clan,  into our wonderful forest. I was still very small when I learned how to care for our Flora and Fauna. All our animals we hunt and the plants we picked are given us from our Mother Eywa. She is the one who gives and takes and very early as a little boy I learnt to respect it.

When I grew older my father showed me how to hunt an animal and i learnt from him to pray and be thankful for the giving of Eywa, for the animal we hunt. And what a big pleasure it was for me and for my people to have food every day and never be hungry.

Also it was my father who showed me to drink from our sacred water from the Paywll plant. The water keeps me alive.

When I came home from our hunt or from looking for plants, I found my mother weaving our clothing we are wearing every day.

He looks down at his clothing and touches the cloth a little bit

I still remember when my mother gave me this clothing i am wearing here to day and she said to me: “my son this is for a special occasion in your life, wear it with proud.

It was my father and my mother they both taught me how to seek peace. They taught me to meditate and learn it every day a bit more.

I learnt from my parents always to keep a serene mind to properly judge any situation and I learnt to seek for harmony in all things.

I also learnt from both always to respect our Omatikaya practices and Traits, every day a bit more.

He looks at Ma’ri now and on his face is a big smile

When i was old enough my father gave me a bow made from the wood of the hometree. I was so proud to be grown up now and i looked around me, in our Clan and i saw Ma’ri. She was still young but already Tsahik in our Clan. I knew she had no husband as her duty in the Clan was so big. She had to take over the duties of the old Tsahik who died early.

I wanted to be with Ma’ri for all my life and i could not think of anybody else. So we both went together to our Tree of voices and spoke with our ancestors. We both mated and we are happy since.


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