Kxìrya (Ngimakxetse)

My story began some time before I came to this clan.  I’m an hunter, but during a hunt with my clan I lost my Ikran.  It was an accident.  Then some time later I left my clan because I felt in love with a warrior from another clan.  I was much younger this time.  But as I met him he had another woman.  He loved her as I came to him to say “I love you.”  So I ran away.  But I could not go back to my old clan because I shamed myself.  So I walked around through the forests for a long time.  I traveled around for a long time, while learning many things by myself.  I had much luck I think.  I’m a good hunter (hehe).  But without an Ikran. 😦

So I came here to Pandora Magic on the same day as Brother Sey was found in the forest.  Then the Tipani took me in their clan, but often I felt (and feel) alone because I miss my Ikran.

Full Story of the Ikran

Let me tell you the long story.  I was on a hunt with some hunters of my old clan.  We did a good hunt and we made a good haul.  But then, we had not seen a big Toruk was following us for a long time.  He came from far above down to us and followed me.  The other hunters could save their lives.  He followed me and I escaped twice.  I called to my Ikran to dive down in the forest.  The Toruk could not hit me, but my Ikran for a short time had not took care I think.

Suddenly he began to cry very loudly.  I couldn’t figure out what happened.  The pictures I’ve seen through the bond were grey and obscure.  In the last chance I jumped into the forest.  I saw pictures as I got him…then pictures from flights we did together.  Then I saw… Nothing more but a very grey cloud.  It was his memories I think.   And this memories in my heart now.

As I was fallen on the ground of the forest, I had pains in my head and some very small wounds.  But that did not interest me in this moment. I searched for my Ikran Rìma Txep (Like “Yellow Fire”) and some time later, I found him – he was dead.

His stomach got a very big wound and I think a tree or a bough killed him.  It was the best friend I have ever had.  And I can not forget him.  He gave his life to save me.

From this time I had to walk by my feet. And here I want to get an new one, but sometimes I am insecure.  Will I get such as “he” was?  I don´t think so for real

So in a short way: I´ve lost my Ikran, I´ve lost my yawntu and I lost my clan.  But here I have found a lot of new friends and a new family.


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