Lefpom Tik’in Tirea (joyfreespirit)

Many moons ago, before the sky people wars, before the pain, the destruction, there was peace and harmony in our clan. My father was the Eyktan, was loved and respected by his people and I was his favorite daughter. I learned many things from him… I still remember his proud smiling face.

I was only 7 when the sky people came destroyed my entire clan. I was the only living survivor and the hoomans took me to experiment on me. I would have nightmares during the night of my father and clan dying and wake up to the nightmare the hooman would inflict on me during the day.

There was a hooman scientist who would see my suffering, see my pain, so she took pity and set me free near a river where there was a nearby clan. This was the Omatikaya clan, they took me in and gave me everything I needed to grow up as normal as possible. I would tell the clan of my father and our clan when I was growing up, before the sky people war, so they nicknamed me little princess.

One healer woman would still see my suffering during the night when my nightmares were the worst. She took me one night to the tree of souls. Prayed to Eywa to take my pain and nightmares away, to take away the horrible memories. To set my spirit free and give me joy, as I have given my clan joy in being their little princess. I slept at the tree of souls that night and from that day on had no more nightmares or memories of my father or clan dying. Only their good loving memories remained in my heart.

From that day I was known as Lefpom Tik’in Tirea (joyfreespirit) the clan’s little princess.


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