Libys (sybil.amulet)

In a time not to far passed, she opened her eyes in the forest near the large tree she came to know as HomeTree (Kelutral) the home of the Tipani and Omaticaya clans.

She knew not from where she came, but one day when she heard a beautiful Na’vi woman speaking outside the tree of the clan of healers (Olo), she knew where she was going. She heard Eywa calling her by name, and she followed Eywa into the forest…. to the great mountains to the east, the home of the Txampay Pongu clan, where she rested, her spirit soured like the Great Ikran overhead. She learned to smile again and began to learn the ways of the Hawpanyu and Tsamsiyu. She became a skilled healer as well as a fierce warrior which seemed to be in conflict but as Eywa guided her came to perfect balance

After a time learning and training under the tutorage of the old Tsahik, she was raised to the rank of Nawm’eyk in the clan and began to teach the young ones the ways of Eywa as she herself had been taught.  During this time, Liwanu, a young tsamsiyu, looked upon her and her eyes fell on him and they were bonded as the moon passed into the new phase.

There came a day that Libys met a young woman in the forest. She was staying with Omatikaya clan and for some reason she looked familiar to her though she did not know why.  She noticed that this woman had the same markings as her. Ni’watu is this woman.  She told Libys the story how Libys had become lost during an attack of skypeople.   Libys was filled with joy though her mind held no memories, her heart knew she had found her family.

It came to pass during the time of the joining of the sister moons, the old Tsahik, very advanced in age, returned to Eywa, leaving the clan without a spiritual leader.  Utral’lor, Eyktan of the Txampay saw that Eywa had begun to speak to Libys, imparting her with great wisdom far beyond her years.  She saw too that Eywa had chosen Libys to walk the path of Tsahik of the clan.  Utral’lor went to the elders of the clan and they confirmed the Eyktan’s vision.  Libys would stand beside Eyktan Utral’lor as Tsahik of the Great Txampay Pongu Olo.


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