Liyanin Aytanin (Lia Chastity)

Tsahik of the Alimatan Clan

I was born of Alimatan. My mother and father are with eywa because the time had come. My mother was a healer of the clan and my father was a hunter. I was raised to love all creatures, as they are all of eywa. Mother taught me the ways of healing and caring for the people. My learning was not completed because eywa called my parents before i was fully trained. My father taught me how to use a bow to defend myself and to only use it in that way.  I am now Ikran Makto and i can heal those who have been hurt in battle. I will defend my family and home with my life.

I am 32 now and i have seen what the humans can do. I have felt the sting of their weapons and healed the wounds they have caused.

Liyanin points to a bullet scar on her right shoulder and one on her right leg.

On a hot muggy night i dreamt of the battles i have seen. Navi hurting and bleeding. I wanted to wake up but could not. Eywa spoke to me and told me i would become a great warrior of the Alimatan Clan. I would learn to defend my people and my home. I would also keep the knowledge of how to heal the battle wounds.  When i woke i went and spoke to my mentor and Olo’Eyktan, Neyteri. She said she would continue my training as warrior.

In the Middle of my training, Alimatan Tsahik Dojiba decided it was time for her to step down, as age was taking her.  Neyteri asked me to become her Tsahik, the spiritual leader of the Alimatan Clan. I was shocked since i was such a young na’vi with much to learn of life and of Eywa. To this day i proudly hold this position. I am Tsahik of The Alimatan, My Clan and my Home.

I have a daughter, who is seven years old now. She is learning the ways of clan, home, and Eywa. I am very proud of her. Her name is Ayumi. I found her wandering in the forest when she was only four. The day i found her i adopted her as my own child.

I have come to see Eywa in a different light. She spoke through me to bless Pali Tsahik Vir’tana. I do not know why she chose me for this, but… she did.I have been touched by our all mother, I am happy for this.

I do hope to someday be remembered by our children’s children.


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