Ma’ri (marieclaire.merlin)

01 My history as a Na’vi

I was born as a Na’vi in the Omatikaya Clan. My parents were both brave warriors defending the live of our people. When I was old enough they gave me a bow and taught me how to use it. I wanted to become a warrior same as my parents. When I grew older my beloved parents died during a battle with the sky -people. From that day I didn’t want to use my bow and arrow anymore.
I went to the tree of voices asking our ancestors for help to find my identification. Their answer was clear as the pure: I was told to walk on the healers path. From that day onwards I have sworn that I would never destroy live.
Under the guidance of our old Tsahik I learnt to be a healer, I was shown how to indentify the plants of our forest and their uses for our people.
Eventually I became a Swok – Hawpanyu. The old Tsahik showed me how to be a Lead -Healer and how to teach our people.

02 Becoming Tsahik of the Omatikaya Clan

When the old Tsahik passed away , I was chosen to be her successor.
As I learnt from the old Tsahik over a long period, I knew my duty. With gratefulness I remember the old Tsahik and how much have learnt from her.
There was no time left to pass the powers over to the Tsahik to be. The old Tsahik died too early.
I felt the heaviness of the burden, to take over this duty .
In my Meditation I have asked Our Great Mother for a sign. In a ceremony hold by our Clan – Eyktan with our Clan- members I received a sign from Eywa to show she had trust in me. She gave me strength and faith. Since then I am Tsahik of the Omatikaya Clan.


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