Mi fa’o taw (ChrisAdams)

Chris originally was a human pilot in the RDA. He came to Pandora because he loved the idea of flying on an alien world. As he lived on Pandora, he saw natives flying their Ikrans and fell in love with the idea of flying Ikrans himself. He decided to join the avatar program and became a dreamwalker. As he became close with the natives while learning their ways and how to fly the Ikrans, he started noticing how disrespectful his fellow humans were both to the native Na’vi and to the beautiful planet. Eventually, he became thoroughly disgusted with his human “comrades,” so he decided to become a full Navi and discarded his old human self. The Na’vi welcomed and accepted him as a brother with open arms. Because he’s a natural on the Ikran, he chose the Na’vi name “mì fa’o taw” meaning graceful in the sky.

He was doing battle against the RDA, and his Ikran was seriously  injured during that battle.  He took his injured Ikran to Yawne (Beloved Aries), and she nursed him back to health.  During that time, Yawne and Mi fa’o taw fell in love, and they became mated for life.


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