Naka’Naru (Luthora)

Naka’Naru’s birth mother was a Tsahik. Her real father was an Ekytan. At age two, Little Naka enjoyed watching her mother pray. Her mother looks down at little Naka “You have the gift of sight. You one day will be a great Tsahik. I cannot teach you the path” She says holding out her hand. Naka looks up at her mother smiling as she holds her hand. “Naka, You must put all faith into Eywa. She will provide happiness to those that wait” Her mother speaks softly. Naka nods. “Naka, you will be very wise when you are older. You have the heart of a warrior. The sight of the Tsahik. The brain of a hunter. The wisdom of an Ekytan.” Her mother speaks words looking at Naka in the eyes. Little Naka nods giggling unable to speak. Naka falls asleep. Her mother and father go hunting.

At three years old, A mighty Palulukan. stalked and killed her parents. A scout finds the bodies telling everyone who would hear of the deaths of Naka’s parents. “I am sorry little one your parents are dead” A male Na’vi tells Naka. Naka runs hiding in a cave.

A man and woman asked the new Olo’eyktan if they could adopt her. The Olo’eyktan said  “Yes” Her adopted Mother was a Tsahik. Her adopted father was a warrior. Her adopted Mother taught her how to heal wounds by applying medicine at age ten. The sky people came and taught her english at age twelve. At age fourteen Naka’naru wished and hoped to be brave like her father. At age eightteen her adopted parents were killed by the sky people. Naka’Naru saw their home crumble and fall. She grew angry wanting revenge. She left the forest seeking out the sky people. She came across a camp. She drew her dagger letting out a hiss. She was captured by being surrounded by the sky people. Her wrists bound. Afraid, scared, and nervous, she let out a growl. A Palulukan raided the camp.  Naka’Naru managed to escape unbinding herself.

Naka gains another adopted mother her name is Leyra Tanywral. She cares for Naka as if she is her own blood. She believes strong in Naka.

Naka’Naru gave herself a mohawk to show she is mighty, not weak. Her rage continues to flow through her. She knows one day the sky people will return and she will get her revenge then. She feels deep within her heart that her mother would be proud of her.  She prays silently to Eywa asking her for guidance to show her which path is right for her. That night she dreams of training to become a mighty warrior. Next morning Naka travels.

Naka’Naru spots a clan. She walks over “I see you” She says touching her forehead with her fingertips looking to the Olo’eyktan. “I see you.”  He speaks proudly touching his forehead in respect. “You will learn our ways, Naka’Naru. You will become a Tanhi member.” He speaks boldly. Naka’Naru is strong willed. Heart of a warrior. She prays daily “Eywa guide me and protect me” Naka’Naru can heal simple wounds. She wishes to learn how to be a great Hawpanyu (healer) as well as becoming a skilled warrior. She wishes she can fly with the Ikran. She visits the tree of voices, Listening to the spirits of the past. A tear falls down her face as she can hear the laughter of children who she knew growing up. Her heart broken from losing her family. Her will growing stronger. A mighty warrior in the making.

Naka’Naru learns how to ride a Pa’li. She rides her to travel around Pandora. Fearless, tough, Strong minded Naka’Naru will protect her clan with her life if need be. She has gained so much. She is now twenty four. She never has forgotten the words her late mother has told her. She clings to those words strongly. She prays to Eywa to guide her in a direction her mother hoped for.  She is becoming no longer shy around new people.  Naka feels as if she should become not only a mighty warrior. But a mighty hunter to provide for her clan. A mighty Ikran rider to scout the skies and to help defend her people. A mighty healer to heal the sick and wounded. She feels this is what Eywa wants her to become. She will train hard. She will embrace being a Na’vi!

(to be continued)


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