Neeko Zimerman

I have been a builder of things since i was young and have a good eye for mechanical things.  I even took mechanical drawing in high school. I started building in Second Life  when I wanted to be Na’vi like every one else, but I had no lindens to buy the expensive stuff.  My SL friend Tomas Millz owned a Pandora shop called Spi’ryt Tribe and gave me a spot to work. I found that the primitive motif of the movie suited my crude building style.

I liked the PU (Pandoara Universe) sim best and it was the biggest and longest lasting sim I thought.  It had some RDA builds which I thought I could make much better.  I didn’t like the idea of imagining an item while you are trying to rp (role play).  So I approached Pascha and Misty, and they saw the potential in my stuff and gave me a place to work. I enjoy seeing people use my stuff.   I like when they do not have to wonder what it is or what movie it is from.

I give away my work mostly because I use Japanese cosplay rules for copyright reasons, and because I want to encourage others in SL that having this sort of fun doesn’t have to cost lindens if they don’t have it.


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