Rai’uk (Geiger Coba)



Rai’uk has had a rough life from the start, building him up to be a bit more stern than most. Living the pleasant island life, things were fine till the pale-skin small ones came and destroyed his home, his life. His entire family. Needless to say that he holds a certain bitterness towards humans, not even having learned their language. Twice he had settled, and twice he had moved on, unknowingly making a full circle back to his roots where his parents had come from. Anurai Island, an island set off from most but a perfect place for him to call home. Trouble came here as well, though the native refused to move, this is his home now and nothing will tear him from it. He maintained life here on his own for some time, living through the devastation the humans had done. Now, the land reviving and growing, and the clan slowly growing.. things are finally coming back to a more peaceful place. He is Home.


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