Rey’i Fa’o Unil (brecca11)

I do not remember much of my early life. My Mother was very sick when I was a baby and I was sent to live with relatives for a very long time. I got back to my family eventually, but it was never the same. I was not a good Na’vi for quite a few years. Anger, pain and confusion would build up in me for reasons I did not then understand, when that happened  all I wanted to do was lash out and fight.  Then one evening at a big celebration I met my mate Tul for the first time and things began to get better for me. One thing I  learned back then,  was that in order to survive you must fight sometimes.  So I began to train as a  warrior like my mate. Tul  helped me to find the better side of myself and how I needed to fight only to defend my home, my mate, my clan and any Na’vi who may need protection, and of course our beautiful planet from whom all blessings flow.

I did not complete my warrior training however because Eywa spoke to me though  a lost and wounded baby Yerik that came to me as I was wandering in the forest one day. I felt the healing power flow through me for the first time as I held this animal in my arms wondering what I should do, though instinct had guided my feet to the Tree of Souls. I t was a wonderful feeling and I saw everything through new eyes that day. I ran home to tell my mother, who was  a healer teacher with the Clan. My Hawpanyu training began that very day and I worked  long and hard to prove myself worthy.

Tul and I were mated after I had finished my training.  He was by then a fierce  and skilled  warrior. As the moons continued to pass we worked very hard and eventually became   Nawm Eyks to our people. It was around this time that I had made my vow to Eywa that I would not deliberately kill any living creature including our  enemies. It seemed only a short time after this we were nominated to  become  Eyktan and Tsahik of the Omatikaya. This was indeed a great honor we had not looked for, but we vowed to do our best with Eywas help and blessing.

We served and offered guidance to our people for many moons and at first all was well, but I began to sense a growing unease deep inside and as I looked at my  brave and dear mate I could see that he was feeling this too. Tul had taken to wandering alone in the forest for many hours telling no one where he went or for what reasons. I waited patiently for I knew when the time was right he would speak with me about what was on his mind, and so he did. He returned from one of these wanderings late one day to tell me that he felt Eywa had sent him a sign that he was to lay aside his bow and become instead a na’vi of healing, but although I instinctively  understood and agreed with his decision, still the deep knawing unease did not leave the center of my being.

It was not long after this that I felt my health and strength starting to slip away from me, I was spending more and more time in meditation and resting and less and less with our people. I spoke with Tul about this and we decided that we needed to take a long journey away from our people and our homelands to see if Eywa would then reveal what she wished of us, and so we stepped down as  the Clan leaders leaving our people in the care of the Council and made our preparations.

We went quickly taking nothing but what we needed to survive, trusting that Our Great Mother would provide for us and  lead us where we needed to go. We traveled many moons on our trusted Ikrans, till at last we came to the beautiful Island  home of the  Heart Clan. Here the urge to rest was strong and we felt we could almost touch the healing embrace of Eywa here in this serene place. The Na’vi here were a kind and gentle, providing us with good food and a place to rest while we tried to make sense of what was happening.

Then one night while walking a long the beach Tul and I spotted two familiar  faces. Both were from our own lands and though not of our own clan, both were dear friends that has gone on journeys of their own and had not returned.

Suddenly Tul and I understood. We would not being going back to our home lands.  The leaders of the Heart Clan had already indicated that they would  be happy to take us in if we wished to stay.  This was  to be our home now. With this realisation the unease I had been feeling deep inside for so long melted away.

An old life was over and a new one just begining. That night Tul and I sat in our new home and gave thanks To Eywa and asked for the strength and knowledge to become worthy  members  of the Heart Clan.


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