Sey (KanuaEltu)

One day I woke up at the Ayutral Mokriä. Tsahìk and the daughter of the taronyu a’awve found me there…Irayo ma tsmukan…  I woke up. Couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t know where I was, what I’m supposed to do there, even couldn’t remember my name.  Then they brought me to Pandora Magic and allowed me to stay.

I was wounded at my head and it slowly healed…but my memories didn’t come back.  But after a while, I had these dreams.  They were scary and horrible dreams. I wasn’t able to put these pictures together…but after a while, I remembered a cave – a mine.  Every night I had these dreams and I woke up. I was seeing my people being herded up there and…finally killed by the RDA.

I collapsed…and it took a long time to recover my faith.  The Tipani helped me a lot to do so.  I had to leave the past behind which wasn’t easy at all.  Ngaru tìyawr!

Well, in the end. I stopped to look backwards. Just looking forward to my new life and I saw it as a new chance. And… in the meantime, I have fallen in love with my yawntu, who was my karyu during preparing for Iknimaya. Which I believe to have done before, but I can’t remember until now.

As I lost my memory, they gave me a new name. It’s “Sey”


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