Tirea’Unil (Monet Monique)

Tirea’Unil is Sa’nok (Mother) of the Viltra lu’ Pxayor Clan. She is familiarly addressed by Clan members as Sa’nu (Mommy), and is a compassionate and sunny counselor whose advice is much enjoyed by both young and old, male and female clan members.

In her youth, Tirea’Unil escaped the horrors of was in the care of her strong and loving parents. She was encouraged to become a star athlete and excelled at several Na’vi sports.

But as she grew, her fondness for the beauty and balance of Na’vi flora and fauna led her to become a master gardener, working to establish the Clan’s well deserved reputation as cultivators of special and rare Na’vi plants.

Long a confidante of her mate, Ean’tirea, Tirea’Unil in her semi-retirement enjoys the social company of mature clan females and is always willing to act as supply officer, or master shopper, when the need arises. Her skills at barter and finance are well known and respected. Tirea’Unil resides with her mate in the Hallelujah Mountains and frequently accompanies Ean’tirea on his mysterious missions, a subject she never discusses.


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