Tsanten (Sconley)

Nawm’Eyk Tsamsiyu (Lead Warrior) in the Txampay Pongu clan

This is the story of Tsanten some of which is taken from the history written by his mother Kyuna in her scroll of songs and prayers to Eywa. Kyuna and her brother Rai’uk were the last surviving members of the Anurai clan. The Anurai allowed the RDA scientists to bring their “Dreamwalkers” into camp and to educate their children in English and the way of the Skypeople to keep balance with Eywa. Then in a time of great sorrow the Anurai pongu were slaughtered by the RDA soldier Sean Wallen for only the baskets and spears or bows which he sold as “Na’vi artifacts” on the black market to Terrans.

Rai’uk and Kyuna escaped in the fog of war then hunted down Sean Wallen and chased him to the edge of the world where the land meets the sea. It was there that Rai’uk leapt from the back of his Thanator and squashed the puny Terran like a bug. All the rage and anguish of his slaughtered people came out through his hands. Sean Wallen was no more. Rai’uk took his carcass and bound it to the fence of the RDA base as a warning.

Kyuna and Rai’uk were celebrated by the Ikran people of the Eastern Sea and with no clan to return to they were welcomed into the clan to live among the Eastern Sea Pongu.

Rai’uk and Kyuna lived among the Eastern Sea Pongu and learned their ways. Fortuitously, the Txampay extended friendship and shelter to Kyuna who was with child her mate was slaughtered by Sean Wallen in his sleep. Having no mate and new to the Txampay she walked among them with trepidation unsure how they would react to a fatherless child. To the beat of the drums Kyuna and Rai’uk went through Tskxekeng ftxoza “Training Celebration” ceremony and where two Anurai once stood emerged from the eye of Eywa three Txampay Pongu. The Anurai were no more.

Kyuna was chosen as mate by a young Ikran Makto  who’s mate died in childbirth, and they were mated before Eywa. Their union was blessed with Kyuna’s child, Tsanten. Tsanten was raised in the ways of the Eastern Sea People and was at peace. Then in 2154 Toruk Makto Jakesully and Neytiri came riding in from the West and called on all the clans to join him in battle against the RDA.

Rai’uk, Kyuna and her mate, my father, rode bravely with the sixth Toruk Makto since the time of the first songs. Bravely they rode, and bravely they died, dying with honor in battle leaving Tsanten orphaned with no people to call his own.

The returning Txampay carried with them words that were like “Stones in their heart” a tale of a great battle and honorable death. They told of how Rai’uk and Kyuna brought honor to the Anurai and the Txampay through their sacrifice in battle.

Tsanten was not sure of his heart and sought the counsel of his ancestors at the tree of voices. It was there that he learned of the history of his people as told through their blood curdling screams in the last moments of the slaughter. It was there that Tsanten vowed to run ALL Skypeople from his lands! Tsanten woke and wandered following the pangs of his heart and the call of Eywa. Not knowing who he was, only who he had been, he wandered the lands for many seasons seeking a people, his people.

Tsanten wandered the lands of the Omaticaya and the Horse Clan of the Plains and as the seasons turned so did Tsanten. While he wandered he was listening and watching the people and seeking the will of Eywa. Though he wandered much there was a nagging in his heart that somehow he was wandering away from his home and his people not to them. He was in the place the eye cannot see.

Tsanten wandered the lands and was approached by many willing to take him in. However, he was cautious. Eywa always led him back to the lands of the Ikran people of the Eastern Sea, to the Txampay pongu. Eywa led him to the people that took his mother and uncle in. To the people they gave their lives in battle defending.

Finally, Tsan let the voice of one he trusted lead him. Tsanten went back to the Txampay village to meditate and there it was revealed to him that the voice of one he cherished was of his childhood friend Libys. He came out of the place the eye cannot see, his eyes were opened and Libys was revealed to him. After gathering with the Txampay on the beach many times the Txampay Eyktan offered friendship and shelter in a place he could call home. It was at that moment on the beach Tsanten heard the voice of another whisper to him “These are your people” and he was at peace, and at home. Tsanten wanders no more!


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