Tul Mi Fa’o Atan (RunsInTheLight)

I was born into a family of warriors, the line stretching back as far as can be remembered . In my youth I always seemed to be fighting and not always because I had to, but gradually as I matured I began to open my eyes more to the natural world and began thinking of my connection to all that is.
Around this time I met my lifetime mate Rey’i and though initially we were only friends and did our fair share of fighting one another, our connection grew and with it I felt able to move more fully into the development of my spiritual nature.

We were mated after Rey’i had finished her training as a healer and we both eventually became teachers , she of the healing arts and I of the Warrior way.These were busy hard working days and they were fun, though our commitments to our Clan students often kept us away from one another more than we would have liked.

Time slipped by so quickly until the day dawned when we were asked to become Eyktan and Tsahik of the Omatikaya. It was a great honor and we pledged to do our utmost to serve our brothers and sisters to the best of our ability . If we had thought our lives were busy before , that was nothing to the responsibilities we now had. Though we loved our brothers and sister dearly a growing unease began in my mind, I was not sure of the path I was now walking.

I began to spend much time wandering alone, pondering my life and praying to Eywa for guidance.

It was during one of these journeys that I had a dream which I felt came directly from Eywa. In this dream I saw the blood and heard the screams of all the creatures I had killed or whitnessed being killed, then from the center of this  picture of blood a white light grew,  and as it did so I saw  my mate Rey’i kneeling at the  tree of  souls as she made her vow not to take life. This picture grew until it filled my vision, and then suddenly I was awakened by a loud thumping sound. I jumped to my feet as a large boulder  rolled down  the mountain who’s foot I was sitting at. This boulder obliterated my fire and went on to crush my bow that had been lying beside me.

Shaken a little, I re-lit the fire from the shards of my bow and the arrows  I had been carrying doing this as a symbol to show Eywa that I had heard and would obey her wishes. I had already trained as a healer some time before, feeling it was useful for me to knows the healing skills.  So  on returning home, I told my mate and all our clan members that I was  giving up the Warrior path for that of the Healer in order to redress the balance  of my life.

Though this decision went some way to quietening the feelings inside of me, I began to realise that this was only part of the answer to the unsettledness within me, and on talking this over with Rey’i learned that she too felt the same way.

And so we stepped down from our role as clan leaders and leaving the clan in the care of the clan council we went on a journey we hoped would lead us to some answers that would quiet our hearts and enable us to return to our people and resume our roles there. But instead were led to  the Clan of the Heart’s Island, and realised that this beautiful place and gentle, kind people was to be our  home now.

And so  I give thanks to Eywa for all her blessings and look forward to my new life  where I will be happy to do what I can to help our new Clan to thrive and prosper.


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