Txan’Nawm (omnifarious905)

I am Txan’nawm, my name in the language of the Skypeople translates to “Great Nobility”. As a child, I grew up with the Swok Hawnu olo’ (Sacred Shelter Clan).  The Skypeople in white coats would bring us gifts, and teach us their language, which I learned to speak well over time. They would also keep their warriors away from us, until one day where my clan was attacked; my family was killed, and I was taken from my family by one of the warriors. Those that survived chased after me and a few of the others that were taken, but when the Skypeople were defeated, I was the only missing one lost to the clan and thought to be dead. I had instead survived and made my new home in the Txe’lan olo’; there I trained to be a warrior and now teach others how to fight back against the Skypeople’s warriors.


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