Txor’tirea (Koocheek)

I was born on Pegase near the sea in a little hut surrounded be a deep mystical forest. My parents were both warriors of the Txampay Pongu Clan. They were one of the few to make it through the disaster of my world that left the majority of my people dead or lost . I was born into a humble family where bravery and family values rezzoned throughout with stories of my ancestors pasts. These stories were to become a normal evening conversation as we would sit around a fire sharing the fish that all clan members caught feeling the commaderie of our clan.

As I grew, I began to run throughout my world’s mountains while learning to climb and be agile my only goal to climb a tree faster or run to the sea harder. I would swim in the ocean’s surrounding my world feeling a sense of freedom that many cannot understand. I would outrun my little Na’vi male friends and from a young age was a force to be reckoned with as being competitive came naturally to me.

It is this competitiveness that sprawned me into a young woman Na’vi warrior hungry for the knowledge to become a great warrior where one day stories might be told of her around a campfire as my ancestors stories were told.

From a very young age I was willing to make the hard unpopular decisions having an innate sense of right and wrong which has lead my heart’s desires.
Sometimes heading to unpopular decisions got me into trouble among my clansmen, but innately inside of me, I knew that I had to go with that reasoning and gut feeling that has been with me since a child.

I was a good student though and my parents thought I might become a healer, but helas, no, my heart was always to be a warrior. I was proud of my parents so wanting to become a strong warrior was only natural.

As a young child I would hide often watching the warriors training amazed by their strength and fiereceness while contradicting themselves with their gentle souls ready to help another Clansmen on a whim without question.. I knew they saw me hiding as they were too strong to not know so, but they left me alone.. Which was all good as I waited for my young Na’vi self to grow to a strength enough to one day be ready to take on the call of a warrior.

And here now I stand. All alone in this world. All that I have is my clan. All I have is my strength. Where will I go from here?


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