Txula’tseo (gino.rascon)

A lonely child of my clan, I was a weak child, always struggling to get enough food to survive.

Then one day, My parents went out to hunt, but never returned. I watched for My parents every day and night. I needed to hunt for myself. I wandered out into the forest, looking for My parents, picking fruit as I went. One day, I came across another clan, and some of them came to look after Me, and helped me hunt for food. Every day I would go to the tree of souls and pray to Eywa that one day My parents would come back. I decided to take the journey back home. I became stronger as I went. When I returned home, the whole clan thought I was dead, so they had a ceremony honoring My parents and celebrating My return. Now a young adult, I am able to not only provide for myself, but also My clan.


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