Utral ‘Lor (Willow Zifer)

Txampay Pongu Eyktan (spring 2010 to present)

Utral’Lor took the lead of Txampay Pongu when Eyktan Ruu’pae left on his spirit path. Under her rule, Txampay Pongu, clan of the Eastern shore, has grown in number and their village has spread from the mountain cliffs to the sandy beach. Aiding Utral’Lor in rule are appointed Nawm Eyks (great leaders) of the taronyu (hunters), tsamsiyu (warriors), karyu (teachers) and hawpanyu (healers).

Utral’Lor is the daughter of Txampay Pongu Nawm Eyk Taronyu, Utral’tawl (mother), and Txampay Pongu Nawm Eyk Tsamsiyu Vawm’Menari (father), whose name means dark eyes, a trait that was passed on to his daughter Utral’Lor, who has a green tinge to her eyes.

Both parents were killed when a small neighboring clan attacked the beach village and the skypeople chose that moment of conflict to attack with skybirds for the first time on the Txampay Pongu. Utral’Lor and many of her people were spared, but her parents, who lead the taronyu and tsamsiyu died in battle. Utral’Lor was away at the time, studying under the tsamsiyu of Omatikaya, a common interclan practice so that young na’vi of leaders can learn in an environment where they are not revered by their peers. She and her cousin Ruu then returned to the clan to take leadership roles. Ruu became Eyktan, after his father, who also died in that battle.

Utral’lor became Eyktan at a young age, after her cousin Ruu left the clan for a spirit walk shown to him by the ancestors of our clan. To help her in her rule and build the clan in face of the skypeople, she appointed many Nawm Eyks to train and recruited wandering na’vi of clans who had been crushed by the skypeople.

Nawm Eyk Etana, a tsamsiyu, because Utral’lors right-hand na’vi sister, to whom she would turn to in all decisions. Nawm Eyks To’ri, Mshk’aa and Na’Cala all played a role in bringing up the clan, but would then move across the sea to strengthen the Apxa clan of the plains and in doing so joined the clans as fast allies. Nawm Eyk Ngay’Tirea was instrumental in growing the Txampay tsamsiyu to the largest force any na’vi clan has seen, and through training, she made them strong, rulers of the sky on the ikran, the sacred creature of the Txampay Pongu people.

Tompa’Zup became Utral’Lor’s spirit match, and they became mated for life. Tompa’Zup became the clan protector and Nawm Eyk tsamsiyu. He was known for his skill in making weaponry and his innovations amazed the skypeople when arrows pierced their metals. He was a hawpanyu-tsamsiyu, a healer on the battlefield and an ideal match for the young Eyktan.

Utral’Lor found her long lost sister Kalin’Unil after several years as Eyktan. Kalin’Unil traveled overseas from the Apxa clan where she had been sent as a young girl. She had not heard of her parents’ death or the great battle. She had been injured in Apxa clan raids and took some time to regain her memory, and then moved forward to become Txmapay Nawm Eyk Taronyu, like their mother.

During Utral’Lor’s rule, many skypeople fell from the sky and perished.

In daily life, Txampay learned to build greater crafts for fishing the Eastern Sea, nets and spears for catching the great Dinicthoid. A fishing camp was built to smoke fish and yerik meat, and a great celebration area on the sea with drums and foot drums was constucted for honoring the ikran and the brother and sisters who have been brave and generous. Also a mountain spring was tapped into for a pool for the mountain village, so that water would not need to be carried up the great, steep path each day. Under her rule, the Txampay Pongu tried to grow their crafts and form alliances with other clans, showering their wealth upon those clans so that they would remember and join them on the day that the great battle with the skypeople finally began.


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