Yawne (Beloved Aries)

I am Yawne. At a young age my mother died, poisoned by a mysterious plant… Raised by my father and 3 older brothers my heritage was that of fine lineage of Pandora’s Omatikaya clan’s courageous and honorable warriors. As a child each day I visit the women in the village who taught me to weave slithered wood for baskets as we sang songs to eywa. Often my only playmates were the animals of the forest. As an adult I still share strong connections with animals and I tend the wounds and injuries as our dear animal friends.
I am happily mated for life with Warrior, Mifa’o taw (ChrisAdams).
Shortly after our mating ceremony before the dawn members of the rda invaded taking us hostage. We were given injections along with the others. We are now free and united together our own new clan Viltra Lu Pxayor.

Yawne, Nawm Eyk , Viltra Lu Txampay


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