These are Pandora Na’vi clans in Second Life:

Txampay Pongu clan

This clan lives on the Pegase sim of the Pandora Universe.  The Txampay are the Eastern Sea Clan.  The plateaus of high sea cliffs, the edges of the mountains, it has become the Txampay Pongu place of being. Here is the story of old, the tale of how the fishing Na’vi, encrusted with sea salt, climbed ever higher to build their homes close to the nesting ikrans, but never leaving the Eastern Coast.  The Eastern Sea Clans of Pandora lived nestled along the beaches, some spanning onto islands in various bays. They lived off the sea creatures, the water plants and the coastal life that Eywa provided.  Then came the time of great war between the inland clans and the Eastern Sea clans. Their huts were vulnerable to attack and it seemed that the tsamsiyu and taronyu could not protect their families from the disputes. Blood fell upon the sand.  The Txampay Pongu clan saw that their position on the beach brought their strong tsamsiyus only worry. They could not battle knowing that thier families might be pushed to perish in the sea. The Eyktan and Tsahik held council with the clan elders and all decided to pack the village upon the backs of their few ikrans and pali’s to travel up the perilous mountain path to the sea cliffs in the East. In a caravan at night, the villagers made their first trip to the high plateau. When they arrived, they wept when they saw the hard rock surface and no life in what would be their new home.  The next day, the stronger members of the clan returned to the beach and collected all else they could carry and returned to see the brave clan members reconstructing their village to the beat the Txampay drum. They heard Eywa’s voice through the mountain rock and went to sleep that night feeling the safety of the mountain heights.  The next morning they awoke to the blessing of Eywa… hardy grass, bioluminescent mushrooms, flowers had grown up between the cracks in the mountain rock. A spring had burst through the cliff above and created a pool of fresh water behind the Ekytan’s hut. The Eyktan looked up and saw great ikrans soaring overhead. She noticed that the ikran also lived among the cliffs, that the ikrans and the Txampay had like minds. But did they have like hearts? The Eyktan then knew that it was the fate of her people to be the mighty ikran flyers of the Eastern mountains.  The Txampay Pongu’s devotion for the ikran and their strategic location upon the mountain allowed them to endure the long history of battle between inland and coastal clans. Those times are long past, the story ancient. But we do not forget our tradition as sea people and our transformation into the great ikran flyers.  We still listen to those very same wise elders each time we visit the tree of soulds and hear their voices.

Omatikaya clan

This clan lives on the Pegase sim of the Pandora Universe.  The Omatikaya is the Birth clan of Ney’tiri and they are healers and growers of grain, some hunt some fish. They live in home tree.  Nestled deep in the forest, Hometree twists up in a pattern that looks like a hellfire wasp’s hive.  Hometree is where the Na’vi of the Omatikaya live.  There is an actual Blue Flute that is kept carefully hidden deep within the Hometree.  No human has ever seen the flute.  It serves as a guardian spirit and a concrete representation of the connection of the Omatikaya with the Hometree.  The flute is of ancient ancestry and is not used as a musical instrument yet is taken out only on most rare and sacred occasions, including the alignment of nearby planets and is only played by the clan leader.  There is only one flute in existence, made from a hollowed branch from Hometree, with a one finger hole drilled near the top.  When it is played, it makes only one or two notes.  Na’vi believe that Eywa made the flute by plucking a branch from Hometree and created the Blue Flute, then gave it to the Omatikaya with the intent that it be used as a device to communicate with her or the spirits of their ancestors who have passed on.  That is why the Blue Flute is so special to the Omatikaya.  The Omatikaya leave Hometree every day to hunt for food.  At night, they head back to Hometree to sleep and eat with their families, to talk about the day, tell jokes, and to share the history of their ancestors.  The Na’vi of Hometree are famous for making fabrics and clothes; they are amazing craftsmen.  They have looms of different sizes and the largest occupies a place of honor in the common area of Hometree.  This is known as the Mother Loom.  It is made of ropes and wood attached to the branches of Hometree.  It is here that the Omatikaya make hammocks, ropes, and mats as well as clothes and other decorations.  The loom makes the Na’vi think of Eywa, who is the great spirit of Pandora.  When they are making certain kinds of fabric, they all celebrate the loom, “Eywa’s wisdom is revealed to all of us.”  There is a lot of storytelling, singing, and dancing at Hometree; it is a very happy place. Hometree is the center of the Na’vi’s way of life.  It is their home.  It is their duty to spread Love and Peace throughout our forest and to protect our people, all Na’vi, with the strength of our unity.  They are one. They are the mighty Omatikaya Clan.

Viltra lu’ Pxayor clan

Viltra lu pxayor ( soul of many) *  Clan hunts and harvest deep in the wild Pandoran jungle. They  watch over Eywa’s ecosystem with a careful eye to maintain the balance. They are known for their persistent quest for knowledge and lore-keeping. They live in the Hallelujah  mountains.

  • Among other skills, they have learned how to use the chemical nature of the plant to alter the ground.. (soil)
  • The Potent Fruit is a spherical plant native to Pandora with unusual chemical properties.
  • Using their knowledge to grow every healing  and nourishing plant in places that they have cultivated. They grow even the rarest of Pandoran plants to trade with the other clans for fish, meat and other necessities.
  • We are all actually connected through a common bond. The members were all abducted at some point in their lives and injected with a serum made from the samples drawn from the Tree of Souls. We all have a common scar and some interesting traits. Because of the injections and we have a connection to each other that is stronger than the normal Na’vi bond due to a chemical that draws us together.
  • This Na’vi clan  wants peace with other clans and to keep the humans from draining Pandora of her natural resources. So they have put together a school for teaching the humans how to cultivate and grow certain plants that are beneficial to the colonist.
  • They master the sky and hunt from horseback, they are strong runners and can hear the wind and every change that happens nearby. They learned to fish and build strong shelters. *The have a secret place for council  to meet that no one other than the members can know and they roam from place to place and don’t always sleep in the same mountain.
  • They don’t allow the military to get near….. and  must hide the fact that they are the ones that the RDA military injected……..
  • The RDA is in search of the list that the Science team kept that told who the Na’vi were that were given the injections but lost during the great earthquake. They don’t know who the injections were given to but found a small symbol that may lead them a step closer.
  • The Military wants to know and they want to find and destroy those who were injected but the Science team also wants to find us so they can protect us 🙂

Tipani clan (English)

The Tipani clan is a tribe of Na’vi on the Tipani sim of Pandora. It appears for the first time in James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. The Tipani clan was one of the first tribes to have contact with humans on Pandora, and yet less is known of this clan than any other Na’vi clan.  Preliminary reports prove to be contradictory to say the least. The Tipani seem to be a very spiritual tribe, yet also cunning and highly dangerous warriors.  They are reluctant to engage in diplomacy with humans, and yet they have embraced the study of Earth languages.  Difficulties are ongoing, as the Tipani have not welcomed many Dreamwalkers (avatars) into their trust, choosing to be unsettlingly standoffish when further integration is suggested.  They are the only clan known to live in separate villages and to wear armour and/or masks. Large masks are occasionally used to decorate certain areas.  What’s the difference between the Omaticaya and the Tipani?  Since the war when all the clans united to fight against the RDA, the Omaticaya Clan and the Tipani Clan have been at peace.  Basically, the Omaticaya is a clan of weavers and the Tipani is a clan of warriors.  But they also have different views on the Avatars and the Sky People.  The Omaticaya are generally more accepting of the Sky People while the Tipani choose to remain distant and unsettlingly standoffish.

NOTE: The sims that this clan lived on have been removed from SL and some members have migrated to the AviWorlds OpenSim grid:

Txe’lan  olo (clan)

The Txe’lan people once lived on the plains of Pandora until they heard the call from Eywa to leave that land.  They traveled together and endured many trials that bound them together as a family and clan.  Now they are the Txe’lan ‘Olo (Heart Clan) of Home Tree Island, a place of joy and healing.  They revere the ikrani of the sky, the swimming creatures of the sea, and the pa’li of the ground.  They live in lodges on the beach, home tree of the central island hilltop, and the floating sky mountains singly and with mates and family members.  They gather at home tree, and welcome guests to rest there.  They honor Eywa at the tree of souls, and the ancestors at the tree of voices grove. Each new day is cause to celebrate and dance on the beach.  The people of the Txe’lan ‘olo are riders of pa’li and ikrani, comfortable in the sky and on the ground.  They fashion boats of leaves, and have also become fishing and seafaring people.  Within the clan, there are very close ties among members.  The Txe’lan are fiercely loyal to one another, and consider themselves a large, loving family.  In this clan, the group is considered more important than the individual.  All material things are shared unselfishly, and the clan is known for creating beautiful and functional objects, and also for giving gifts of them freely.  As in most Na’vi clans, there is an Eyktan and Tsahik who lead them.  There are taronyu (hunters) who provide food for the clan.  Tsamsiyu (warriors) train to keep the clan safe.  Hawpanyu (healers) have much knowledge of Eywa’s gifts of medicinal herbs and creatures.  Within the Txe’lan ‘olo, these roles may overlap.  Hunters, for example, are expected to be able to defend the clan if it is needed and do some field healing.  Healers share knowledge of toxins, and train to defend themselves and others.   All roles have an extensive training program that must be completed before a member is considered an adult in the clan.  Training is supervised by the leader of a role, but all clan members are expected to mentor and nurture trainees and eveng’yu (children). A rite of passage ceremony marks the end of training.  The Txe’lan people have ties to other nearby clans such as those in N’avitar territory and on the Eastern Sea.  Hospitality is so important to this clan that the Eyktan and Tsahik maintain guest rooms in their sky grotto.  Also, anyone is welcome to eat at the beach fire, Eyktan & Tsahik’s hearth, and at the Home Tree.  Food and drink can be found there at all times, as well as comfortable places to rest and visit.  Visitors who wish to remain and join the clan are welcomed as family.

Tipani clan (German)

Maguyuk clan (German)

Tanhi clan

This clan lives on the sim of nAvitar

  • Visit: nAvitar 129/128/752  [follow the “To Surface” arrows on the ground to the teleport pads]
  • Clan Leader: Keyeung
  • Tsahik: La’vi

Alimatan clan

This clan lives on the sim of nAvitar.  The great woodland clan living in the tree, Kelutral..The Alimatan clan is headstrong and proud, having lived in the forest in the navitar region since time immortal.  Maintaining a close friendship with the Pa’li and Tanhi clan, Alimatan clan members are joined by a close connection through tribal bounds that span generations.

  • Visit: nAvitar 129/128/752  [follow the “To Surface” arrows on the ground to the teleport pads]
  • Clan Leader: Jai’Tu’Kan
  • Tsahik: Liyanin Aytanin

Pa’li clan

This clan lives on the sim of nAvitar.

  • Visit: nAvitar 129/128/752  [follow the “To Surface” arrows on the ground to the teleport pads]
  • Clan Leader: Zeyko
  • Tsahik : Vir’tana

Apxa’Ioang awnga’tei clan

This clan lives on the Official Pandora HUB (OPH)


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