Creature Starter

Wild Faith has many Pandora Fauna (animals) that are the most realistic avatar mods in SL!  There are many animals to chose from including:

Thanator (uses Lost FeralLion, Tiger or Leapherd avatar)

The thanator never fears and  may be very aggressive.  This Pandora animal is much like a big tiger on Earth, which defends it territory and hunts prey.  They are prone to quickly eat humans or even Na’vi (except when called by Eywa).  The Na’vi people have a mix of fear and respect for this creature.  Na’vi avoid contact with the thanator.


Thanator MOD extra legs  (uses Seawolf Adult Grypon)

Direhorse Adult (uses “Hoof it” horse avatar)

Direhorse Foal (uses Grendels horse avatar)

Viperwolf (uses TWI fox avatar)

Ikran (uses Nargus Pteradon avatar)

Prolemuris (uses Grendels Baboon avatar)

Hammerhead Titanothere (uses Prehistorica – Triceratops horridus avatar)

Yerik  Hexapede Deer (uses Grendels Avarian Deer)

Much more at Faith’s Feral Creations:

Visit in world at:


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