Dreamwalker Starter

To be a “Dreamwalker” you will need a human avatar and a Na’vi one.  The clothing’s the easier part because most dreamwalkers wear human clothing.  The simplest method is always try to remember that the dreamwalker is a human RPer in an Avatar body..and to act like as if you are discovering a new world which is entirely, totally alien to you.

You are also using a body, the Avatar, that is mostly Na’vi, but does have human DNA of the driver.

The dreamwalker role is a fairly RP-intense role, so be prepared to use your imagination in many ways…

At most, human skins and avatars are very easy to get. Some good places for human skins would be places like Pulse or Belleza as an example.

For Na’vi avatars  I would suggest: Neko Ya!, the Imagined, De La Soul.

The Imagined does actually have a male dreamwalker avatar.

For an actual free (or very less expensive) male and female dreamwalker avatar, this place http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zenith/15/177/3539 actually has something called “Jason and Sarah” which are both a male and female version of the Avatar bodies.

If you are very very good with editing shapes, remember that the human avatar driver often will resemble their Avatar body in the face.

((more to come including locations of stores))

NOTE: Thanks to Kaeli Rankin (kaeli.borgin) for helping with this page.

General Tips for Getting Started


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