Marali Tarya (damemarikotoda.cerise)

My mother was dead when i am young. It ‘s very hard for me.  My father was a great hunter and a great archer too. He was a great bow maker too.  He teach me the art of shoot with a bow and the bow making.  Eywa call him one month after my mother and i must learn all myself. He fall against 2 thanator but one of them is found on the floor with 23 arrow of my father in his body, the veteran of our clan still sing his epic story. I hope that one day my father can be very proud of me.  After the dead of my father, I stay alone a very long time…

Why ? I dont know… i think nobody have interest to me …often i seek with nobody in the forest because i am sad to be alone.  The Na’vi male ignore me … or think about me like an other Na’vi … not same like a female Na’vi….one day i meet Muka the thanator and he attack us and his claw marked me in my skin but he feel my arrows too , Keyeung and humans help us to repulse him. After the dark days come and earthquake make me several wounded , my arm is broken and my ribs too… but after long days i am ok !

This period of my live it’s very hard … many time i called Eywa to take me …. without husband i haved no chance to have baby ….and one day i meet 2 lovely and kind children … Moati and Zeyko… two orphan … i fall in tenderness for us immediately and i make all for adopt them…. i changed of clan , i leave the alimatan for a Pa’li clan for them.  Now i am not alone and my children was all for me, and i am not desesperate to found a Na’vi male who know to love me and my childrens.  My children are growing and the time is come… i decided to make a great bow for each of them. I give it to them and i teach them the art of archery. I think i teach to them the art of making bow.  My children grow and one day Moati disapear , i m very sad and i cry a lot, Zeyko became a Pa’li leader after i leave the Pali Clan, and i go to try to enter in Omatikaya Clan.   May Eywa protect my children and help me.


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