Nìhona (typhina)

nihonaNìhona is a very tenacious and kind type of person, which accurately reflects  her name’s origin, “endearingly, sweetly.” She does not speak much to strangers, only to people she trusts, and it can take a long time to gain that trust. The RDA annihilated her clan, and she is one of the few who survived. She has now joined the Txampay Pongu clan, and finally feels at home again.

She finds the children of the clan sweet, and would not go out of her way to avoid them. The little ones are the only ones who Nìhona trusts almost instantly.

Nìhona is not one to go looking for a fight, although she will defend her home and tribe with every fiber of her being if she feels they are in danger.

Nihona is a quick learner especially from mistakes. She is also a tactician. She plans quickly and precisely when hunting or fighting. Nih is generally good humoured except when she or her clanmates are threatened.

Oº°‘¨ Palulukan Makto¨‘°ºO

Alone. Fatigued. Lost. These are the words that echoed through Nihona’s mind as she turned away from her former homeland and begrudgingly trod into the dense underbrush of the forest. Pushing her way through foliage, she walked until she could no longer stand. Nihona ascended a large tree and curled up on a branch, attempting to sleep. It was futile, however – she tossed and turned, and even the soft hum of insects drifting through the air in a soothing lullaby did little to ease her mind and send her off into a state of restful slumber. Managing to nod off a few times, she finally felt the warmth of dawn washing over her luminous cyan flesh, opening her bright amber orbs to the sun.

Nihona and her Pali“Eywa, give me a sign,” she thought, murmuring her desire in a hushed tone, her heart loud in her chest. Her home and clan were decimated, and she sat on her areal perch, her gaze drifting over the canopy of leaves as she pondered what course of action she needed to take. It was dangerous to be on her own in the forest. Nihona was well aware of this fact, and knew that she needed to find a new home. “The All Mother will provide.” she thought, squeezing her eyes closed tightly. With a heavy sigh, the na’vi slid down the trunk, knowing that she needed to keep moving lest she share the fate of her clanmates. As soon as her feet hit the soft moss of the forest floor she began moving forward, attempting to remember the location of another village.

Suddenly, she heard a rustle a few metres in front of her. Nihona froze in her tracks, knowing that she dare not make a sound. Crouching, she quickly drew her bow and notched an arrow, her muscles taut in spring-like tension, waiting to launch her into action the moment whatever lay in wait ahead of her revealed itself.

A large black mass materialised from the shadows, the light shining through the canopy glinting off sinister fangs. Her heart stopped for a moment as she realised that a huge thanator was standing in front of her. Adrenaline began to surge through her veins and she drew back her bow in a futile attempt to save herself from the beast’s jaws. To her surprise, however, the giant carnivore padded forward until it stood only inches away from her trembling form. Dipping its shoulder, the creature extended its queue, offering itself to the lone Na’vi gazing at it in awe and disbelief. Nihona’s lids fluttered shut and she whispered softly, “Eywa has heard me!” With a gentle motion, she held up her neural queue to the thanator’s and made tsaheylu. Their minds and hearts melded and became one in that moment, the deadly predator soon becoming her constant companion.

With the help of the thanator she named Tanhi (Star), Nihona managed to arrive at the village of the mighty Txampay Pongu clan, where she was welcomed with open arms as one of their own. To this day, Tanhi is only a whistle away, ready to help the na’vi that Eywa had sent her to save that fateful day in the forest.


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