Pegase (Txampay Pongu, Omatikaya, and Viltra Lu Pxayor clans)

Pandora Hometree (Txe’lan Olo (clan))

Pandora Magic

nAvitar (Tanhi, Alimatan, and Pa’li clans)

  • Visit: nAvitar 129/128/752  [follow the “To Surface” arrows on the ground to the teleport pads]

Favela sim (Anurai clan)

Na’vi RP Francophone

Sims No Longer in Second Life:

Tipani and Breewood (Tipani clan)

  • These two Pandora sims were online for several months in 2012, but went offline when Sammy Ermintrood disappeared and tier payment came due.


  • This Pandora Universe sim was closed on July 3, 2012, after the RDA launched an extreme attack leaving Telemaque on fire with many of the floating Hallelujah Mountains toppled to the ground.  We will miss you.  The Na’vi clans on Telemaque migrated to Pegase

Official Pandora HUB (OPH)

  • A group of sims (up to four) that were done by Nissa Rewell.  These included Awve Atxkxe (OPH 1) and Peyfyao Tsray (OPH II).  Apxa’Ioang awnga’tei was the clan on these sims.

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