Learn about places to live in Pandora as you settle in with a clan or other RDA:

Pegase Grottos

L$150 per week with 25 prims

Inside is already decorated with a forest theme and textures are changeable.  First come, first serve.  Check them out in the southeast and northeast corners of the Pegase sim above the Txampay cliffs and the Tree of Voices.  For more information on rentals on Pegase, contact Misty Hawksby (Pandora Owner).

Visit location to rent:

Pegase Huts @ Hometree

L$150 per week for 25 Prims

Home to the indigenous natives on Pegase, these huts have a remarkable view of the Pegase forest in a relatively safe zone. Find your inner Na’vi and express yourself as you decorate your very own hut.

Visit to rent:

Pegase Hallelujah Mountains

Prices vary: L$1,200 per month (50 prims)  or
L$2,400 per month (100 prims)

Prime real estate high in skies above Pegase in the flux vortex of the Hallelujah Mountains with a view of all of Pandora below.  These mountains are suspended in mid air because of the mysterious properties of the unobtanium ore that is central to all things in Pandora.

Visit to rent:

Pegase RDA Quarters

Prices vary:
L$300 per week (50 prims) or L$450 per week (75 prims)

Isolated on a Pandoran Moon, the RDA seek the little refuge they can find in the cold steel rooms of Hell’s Gate base camp.

Visit to rent:


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