Some items to add to your Role Play (RP) and fun on the sims of Pandora in Second Life (SL):

  • CHALLENGES: While each clan has it’s own challenges, the Viltra lu’ Pxayor clan offers the following challenges for any clan members to enjoy these quest with 3 levels directly related to healing and learning how to use the energy and the flora:
  • QUESTS: Here are some fun activities to keep you busy between the RP:
    • Yerik Launcher: Click the shell on the ground while wearing your Tipani group tag to rez a yerik and hunt.  Ask other Na’vi for a copy of the hunt prayer gesture:
    • Climb to Ikran Mountain:
    • RDA Straw Dummies:
  • DELAG YOUR RP: Be sure to read the “Large Event Preparation” page to learn how to de-LAG your RP.
  • RP CALENDAR: Here are some of the RP events from various clans for you to see when RP and other significant events are happening in SL on the sims of Pandora:

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